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With all the demands on global companies, superior performance in a. Supply Chain is critical to ... to support the goals of the company. ... software companies.”.
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SUPPLY CHAIN OPTIMIZATION With Supply Chain Optimization Services, companies can: •

Optimize transportation and overall Supply Chain

Deliver executable recommendations

Benchmark against competition and industry standards

Improve customer service

Identify and mitigate risks

Quantify and validate cost of Supply Chain changes

Improve and maintain costs with service levels

Enact deployable solutions

Achieve faster time to value resulting in rapid ROI

Incorporate and evaluate impact of real world constraints

Challenge Economic uncertainties, business complexities, a competitive marketplace, shorter cycle times and increasing customer demands are driving the need for more agile supply chains than ever before. With all the demands on global companies, superior performance in a Supply Chain is critical to a business’ success. In other words, an inefficient or dated Supply Chain can be unforgiving and unknowingly hinder a company from achieving corporate goals. Therefore, organizations need agile and effective Supply Chains that can adapt to continuously changing conditions along with the ability to regularly evaluate what is required to support the goals of the company. Organizations can strategically create value and enable profitable growth in new and existing markets by optimizing Supply Chain performance. Furthermore, companies that seek to improve efficiencies, eliminate excess miles, leverage alternate modes of transportation, improve customer service and reduce inventory costs from the Supply Chain need accurate, executable solutions.

Solution LeanLogistics’ Supply Chain Optimization Services provide a unique offering of expertise plus industry insight which leverages LeanLogistics Transportation Network data and optimization technologies to ensure a company’s Supply Chain provides a competitive advantage. In addition, Supply Chain Optimization Services, deliver an innovative approach to quantify and validate current Supply Chain strategies. With LeanLogistics’ Supply Chain Optimization Services, companies uncover opportunities to improve their Supply Chain with timing, certainty and strategic agility through recommendations based on executable data to realize improvements quickly.

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Delivery of Supply Chain Optimization Services is flexible and incorporates a wide range of analytical and modeling techniques – covering network modeling to transportation simulation. LeanLogistics offers several options for Supply Chain services, from including discreet project work to retained long-term engineering resource(s) who augment a company’s internal Supply Chain team.

SC Optimization Results Supply Chain Optimization Services enable companies to rethink and re-envision their networks and realize the benefits of a continuously optimized supply chain, including reduced miles, optimized order quantities and ship frequency, reduced penalties from non-compliance and lower inventory levels, which in turn improve cash flow and customer service. According to ARC Analyst, Steve Banker, “Companies that have not conducted a supply chain design project in several years can expect to reduce supply chain costs by 5 to 15 percent.” “It is very easy to talk about particular supply chain strategies without fully understanding the ramifications. Once executives see the analysis from a network study, they begin to understand the core tradeoffs and supply chain performance levels in a way that is all but impossible without this experience. And in fact, many of the smartest people I’ve talked to in supply chain management work with supply chain design consulting or software companies.”

Features LeanLogistics Supply Chain Optimization Services is a team of Supply Chain Management experts that use innovative technologies while leveraging LeanLogistics Transportation Network Data to address many different Supply Chain needs, including: •

Network Design

Transportation Simulation

Inventory Modeling

Transportation Modeling

Scenario Analysis

Product Flow Optimization

Sailing Schedule Identification

Fleet Sizing

Carbon Footprint Reporting

Data Mining and Advanced Analytics

Steve Banker, ARC Analyst

LeanLogistics 1351 S. Waverly Road Holland, MI 49423 P 866.584.7280 A Kewill Company

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