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SYNCHRONIZED AND INTEGRATED. MISSILE DEFENSE CAPABILITIES. Single. Integrated. Air Picture. Replacing. Legacy C2. Systems. Customer-. Owned.
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SYNCHRONIZED AND INTEGRATED MISSILE DEFENSE CAPABILITIES IBCS’s open architecture approach to enable component modernization (e.g., radars, missiles, C2) without major system modifications. This allows the customer to optimize limited resources and facilitate flexible defense designs.

IBCS Feature IBCS Benefit

Open Architecture

User Friendly Displays

Single Integrated

Built In Trust: Proven cyber resiliency is woven into multiple layers of the system to ensure that our customers’ missions remain safe

Eliminate Single Fail Points Time Critical Advantage

Air Picture Replacing Legacy C2 Systems

Network Redundancy

Cyber Resilient



CustomerOwned Interfaces


Developing the US Army's revolutionary C2 system for joint IAMD enabling any sensor, best shooter


Reduce Rolling Stock

Organizational Tailoring

Smaller Force Package

Reduce Training Time

Plug and Fight

Earlier Engagement

Future Relevancy Any Sensor Best Shooter

With IBCS, the warfighter is part of the decision process from day one. Since they have been integral to its design, warfighters can count on the system to provide them with intuitive, time-critical information to help them continue the fight. IBCS also allows the commanders to have a complete view of the air picture and to be involved in the engagement decisions.

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Intuitive Information

Complex regular, symmetric and asymmetric air and missile threats can come from any direction. IBCS utilizes all available information to unleash the potential capabilities of weapons and sensors

Plug-and-fight ensures that current and future sensors and weapon systems can interact with other devices in the same network. This approach allows new peripherals be easily incorporated, allowing warfighters to take advantage of integrated Army and joint capabilities.