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In the list of cryptocurrencies find the line with Ethereum (ETH) and click on the “Deposit” button: • In the form enter the quantity of ETH that you want to replenish the. IDEX account with (pay attention to minimum amounts for transfers). Also increase the Gas Price value (minimum up to 30 gwei, so the transaction is executed): ...
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Table of Contents 1. General Information 2. General operations 3. Buying PKT tokens on COINEXCHANGE 4. Buying PKT tokens on IDEX 5. Buying PKT tokens on EtherDelta 6. Buying PKT tokens on MERCATOX

1. General Information As of December 2017, PKT tokens are available on the following exchanges: 





In this instruction a description is provided for purchasing PKT tokens on each of the aforementioned exchanges, and also the general operations that must be carried out regardless of the exchange chosen. Before performing the actions to purchase PKT tokens on a specific exchange, carry out the general operations presented in section 2.

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2. General operations 2.1. Create an ETH wallet that is compatible with the ERC20 standard To store PKT tokens, you will need an ETH wallet that is compatible with the ERC20 standard. We recommend the following services for creating the wallet: Coinomi (Android), MyEtherWallet (Web), MetaMask (PC), Mist (PC), and imToken (iOS and Android). If you use any other type of wallet, confirm that it supports all ERC20 standard tokens or that you have access to a private key (for export to a compatible wallet). 2.2. Buy ETH or BTC The Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) cryptocurrencies are used when buying PKT tokens on the exchanges. You can buy ETH/BTC with any fiat money (for example, USD, rubles, etc.) on any cryptocurrency exchange (for example,,, You can also buy ETH/BTC with other cryptocurrencies (for example, Dash) using exchangers. The simplest method for buying ETH/BTC is purchasing with USD using an exchanger (for example,,,, Follow the instructions of the chosen exchanger and replenish your wallet. Pay attention that when buying PKT tokens a small commission will be charged, therefore to replenish the wallet use an amount that is slightly larger than what you plan to spend on the PKT tokens. 2.3. Add PKT tokens to the wallet (for example, MyEtherWallet) 

Go to the MyEtherWallet

Click on the tab “Send Ether & Tokens”.

Open your wallet.

In the “Token Balances” section click on the “Add Custom Token” button.

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Enter data in the fields: o Address – enter the address of the Playkey contract token: 0x2604fa406be957e542beb89e6754fcde6815e83f o Token Symbol – PKT o Decimals – 18

Click on the “Save” button.

The PKT tokens appear in the “Token Balances” section.

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3. Buying PKT tokens on COINEXCHANGE 3.1. Register on COINEXCHANGE  Go to  In the upper right corner click on the “Register” button. The exchange registration form opens:

 Fill out the registration form and click on the “Register” button.  A message appears that an email to confirm your email address has been sent to your inbox.  Click the confirmation link in the email. The following page opens:

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3.2. Replenish account in COINEXCHANGE  Click on the “Deposit Coins” button (see section 3.1).  In the table, find the line with the Bitcoin cryptocurrency and click on the “Actions” button:

 Select “Deposit BTC”.  Click the “Generate New Address” button:

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 Your BTC deposit address is generated:

 Transfer the BTC coins to the generated deposit address from your BTC wallet.  Some time after execution of the transaction, the transferred quantity o