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Jim Henry Editor in Chief

OK, Do Well is a little odd for a magazine title. These days, you’re more likely to leaf through publications that promise to help you be “awesome,” “phenomenal,” or “the greatest” at everything from growing roses to hang gliding. Do Well is a different kind of title for a different kind of magazine. We’re interested in results—not rhetoric. Anyone who promises you instant success at anything is probably just out to sell you something. We’re out to sell something, too, but we make no false claims that you’ll achieve health, wealth and happiness overnight. We’re “selling” God’s financial principles, and the only promise we make is that if you buy into them, your life will improve in ways that, counter-intuitively, have little to do with money. You will not be awesome or phenomenal or the greatest at anything. Those adjectives are best left to the loving God who gave His only Son, Jesus Christ, that we might one day live for eternity in heaven. In Scripture, God also gives us all we need to live happy, productive lives that reflect His glory, not ours. Nowhere does God promise to make you wealthy, to cure you of disease, or to deliver that “dream job.” He does promise, however, to provide for all your needs. He promises to be faithful, and asks only that you do the same. Whether you realize it or not, God has entrusted you with very special resources. Your talents, skills and interests are gifts from God, and His will is that you use them to advance His kingdom. One of the most difficult concepts to grasp in all of Christian doctrine is that God owns everything. We mouth the words, but too often we don’t really believe it, nor do we act like it. Yet the Bible states clearly that God not only created everything, He’s never given up ownership: “The heavens are yours, and yours also the earth; you founded the world and all that is in it.” (Psalm 89:11). His ownership extends to you, as well, and the resources He’s placed in your hands. How will you use them? Personal finance magazines are, of course, loaded with tips and advice to help readers manage money, and this publication will be no exception. Our goal is to provide you the best possible advice in three key topic areas: personal finance, careers and business. Along with timely, practical information, we will also give you the scriptural underpinning that answers the “why,” not just the “how,” which leads us back to the original question, “Why Do Well?” Other than the Gospel itself, the most critical words that any follower of Christ can ever hear are “Well done, good and faithful servant!” (Matthew 25:23). That simple recognition is what we long to hear the day we stand before the judgment seat. We want to know that we have used God’s resources faithfully for His cause. At Crown Financial Ministries, we want to help you do just that—to help you do well now, so you can hear, “Well done” later.

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Why Do Well?

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