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business with PWD, take advantage of the resources provided herein to get you ... large, medium, and small – who design, build, and/or maintain green .... In addition, SBN is hosting the Social Venture Institute (SVI) Conference on October ...
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Take Part!

A PWD resource for getting your minority, woman and disabled-owned business ready to participate in PWD Public Works projects PWD’s Commitment PWD is implementing a robust participation plan that will create opportunities for Minority, Women, and Disabled Businesses (MWDSBE). These opportunities require specific skill sets, capacity, and capital to ensure that you will be a successful contractor and/or subcontractor. If you are ready or preparing to do business with PWD, take advantage of the resources provided herein to get you started. Our commitment is to be a part of the solution by making you aware of PWD business practices.

Doing Business with PWD! PWD offers all businesses the opportunity to bid and respond to upcoming contracts. Many of these contracts have participation goals aimed at increasing opportunities for MWDSBEs. The City’s Procurement Department has put together a guide to allow contractors learn the bidding process. In addition, the Procurement Department offers a Local Business Entity (LBE) certification. This certification offers incentives to locally owned businesses while bidding on City contracts. If you are a local firm, find out more here.

Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) Industry Partnership

To learn how to become a City contractor and find City business opportunities The Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) Industry Partnership is a unique initiative that is working to advance the local GSI Industry, local businesses through the Procurement Department and eContract Philly, visit phila.gov whose current portfolio of goods or services relates to GSI, and local businesses Further, the Commerce Department has provided a resource tool for easier wanting to expand their portfolio to include GSI-related goods or services. For access to navigating city requirements that include Economic Opportunity Plan at least the next three years, SBN will be working with locally-based businesses requirements and City Labor Standards. – large, medium, and small – who design, build, and/or maintain green approaches for stormwater management, as well as the material supply chain. Where to find Minority, Women, and Disabled owned SBN intends to leverage the local economic growth potential and innovation Certified Firms (MWDSBEs) that will stem from the Water Department’s innovative Green Cities, Clean To better promote MWDSBE certified vendors and to make it easy for bidders Waters program and $2 billion investment over the next 25 years. Other and contractors to find them, the Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) strategic partners include developers and large landholder, academic and maintains an Online Directory of Certified Businesses. Through the directory, research institution, the Water Department and other relevant government certified vendors can market their business to potential partners who may not agencies, and non-profit institutions. Visit the GSI Industry Partnership, or be familiar with their company. Searching for a certified vendor is simple. The contact [email protected] to find out more about the initiative or to directory is organized to search vendors by certification type, commodity codes, get involved. and area of specialty. Navigate the directory now!

Not a Registered MWDSBE? Join the Registry! The Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) offers a registry program to promote and foster the growth of MWDSBEs. Companies that are certified by OEO recognized certification agencies can benefit from PWD’s economic inclusion efforts. Register today!

Take Part! August 2013

Proposed Upcoming Opportunities Being ready to take part means being aware of when to prepare and submit for bids. To get you started, here’s a list of the upcoming PWD Public Works projects and their expected timing1. After reviewing upcoming project needs, you may also need to obtain plans and specifications for any projects in which you may be interested. These documents are available once the bid announcements for the