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the UK's other leading youth organisations, will be working on a major initiative: ... There is a wide debate around what youth leadership is, and how best to develop ... (through volunteering, caring, carrying out youth work and a host of other.
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Taking the lead

Taking the lead Youth leadership in theory and practice Lauren Kahn, Sarah Hewes and Rushanara Ali

Lauren Kahn, Sarah Hewes and Rushanara Ali

About The Youth of Today The Youth of Today is a consortium of leading youth organisations working together to increase the quality, quantity and diversity of opportunities for young people as leaders of change in their communities. It has been created to help young people fulfil these roles in an increasingly complex world. Aimed at young people aged 13 to 19, it is funded and supported by the Department for Children, Schools and Families and Communities and Local Government, and is managed by a range of leading organisations, including the British Youth Council, Changemakers, Citizenship Foundation, The National Youth Agency, Prince’s Trust, UK Youth Parliament and the Young Foundation.


About the Young Foundation The Young Foundation combines creativity and entrepreneurship to tackle major social needs. We work on many different levels to achieve positive social change – including advocacy, research, and policy influence as well as creating new organisations and running practical projects. The Young Foundation benefits from a long history of social research, innovation and practical action by the late Michael Young, once described as “the world’s most successful social entrepreneur”, who created more than 60 ventures which address social needs. The Young Foundation is a Registered Charity (no 274345) and Company Limited by Guarantee (no 1319183) in England and Wales.


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Contents Acknowledgements


Preface – Geoff Mulgan and Fiona Blacke


Executive Summary


1. Introduction


2. Youth leadership: What it is, and why it matters


3. Developing and nurturing young leaders: Facilitating young people’s leadership journeys


4. Creating and sustaining organisations that support youth leadership: The organisational journey


5. Conclusion


Appendices A: Full case studies


B: Theories of leadership


C: Youth leadership in the context of human development


D: Organisational criteria: Fostering youth leadership






List of Boxes and Tables Box 1. Case studies: Youth leadership as a vehicle for addressing pressing social challenges


Box 2. Case study: Resisting the language of leadership


Box 3: Making youth leadership education ‘real’


Box 4. Case study: Building confidence and community through peer support


Box 5. Feedback and reflection


Box 6. Case study: Youth leadership in the educational environment


Table 1. Three models of organisation for youth leadership programmes


Table 2. Three models of working together