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Spatial data specialists;. • Backgrounds in ... Big Data / Farm Virtualisation a. Location as ... your competitiveness in Europe and worldwide? Competitiveness of ...
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Horizon 2020 Space Work Programme 2018-2020 Stakeholder consultation

AeroVision BV • Spatial data specialists; • Backgrounds in surveying, photogrammetry, Remote Sensing, Geography; • Markets are cadastres, utilities, municipalities, water boards and agriculture AeroVision provides consultancy and support services for an optimal design and utilisation of (spatial) information. Our customers strategically invest in the use of (geo-)information for decision making, cost reduction and management of risks. In agriculture: • working on Remote Sensing and GNSS applications to improve farming; • coordinating networking activities; • contributing to applied research of satellite applications in agriculture:

GNSS applications in agriculture

Tamme van der Wal - AeroVision

Peter Paree – Southern Dutch Farmers Organisation

Henk Janssen – Wageningen Environmental Research (Alterra)

GNSS applications in agriculture

Agricultural Surveying

CAP control & admin. Food Safety and Security


SOIL HEALTH compaction /organic matter

LOGISTICS capacity constrained





track & trace / IoT animal tags / whereabouts Machine Guidance Drone navigation / wherabouts R-GNSS soil moisture monitoring

What emerging applications in your area need to be addressed in the next Work Programme? GNSS constellations & infrastructures

Agricultural Surveying

track & trace / IoT

1. PPP, high accuracy;

2. low power

animal tags / whereabouts

3. signal loss prevention

Machine Guidance

4. virtual fence

R-GNSS soil moisture monitoring Drone navigation / wherabouts

5. path planning

6. R-GNSS sensing

What technology innovation or other factor will influence your areas in coming years? 1. IoT: connectivity of machines, animals, sensors, actuators, etc. a. Machines, animals, resources, conditions, etc.; b. location; c. responding to sensor readings 2. Robotics: drones, field robots, milking robots etc.; a. Guidance / Autopilot; b. Sense & avoid; 3. Big Data / Farm Virtualisation a. Location as global unique identifier; b. indoor-outdoor; c. track and trace everything. 4. Farmer’s License to Operate a. Climate Smart / Zero emissions (circular: Carbon, Nitrogen, Water) b. Animal welfare, soil health etc. c. Traceability or transparancy

How the next Work Programme can contribute to your competitiveness in Europe and worldwide? Competitiveness of European Agriculture: - Climate Smart  zero emissions; - More efficient production (double the production with half the inputs)  and less inputs is less costs; - Precision Agriculture: doing the right thing in the right place at the right time. High Tech Farming: - information exchange M2M, A2M etc.; - location intelligence; - GNSS-R and other Remote Sensing techniques (drones).

BIGGEST ISSUE: - adoption of technology; - measure adoption, investigate motives and barriers; - linking technology to transition (towards Sustainable Agriculture);

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