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Tara Reed. Happier, Productive employees = higher profitS. • Speaker • Author. • Artist • Coach. “8 Critical Dementia Discussions to increase. Productivity in the ...
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Happier, Productive employees = higher profitS One in seven American workers is also a caregiver for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia. Since the average age of a caregiver is 49, caregiving is affecting those at the peak of their careers and who often have the most responsibility in your company. Here are a few ways helping care for aging parents affects your workfore:

Tara Reed • Speaker • Author • Artist • Coach

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90% report emotional stressful - affecting productivity Health care costs increase as a result of stress-related illnesses More than 30% took a leave of absence from their jobs Most employees report having workday interruptions Nearly 70% of caregivers had to modify their work schedules

So how can you help your employees stay productive, happy and on the job? According to a 2015 study by AARP: 84% of caregivers want more information on or help with caregiving topics.

“8 Critical Dementia Discussions to increase Productivity in the Workplace”

what others say: Tara has a remarkable ability to break the seemingly impossible into perfectly bite sized “I can do this!” pieces. Everything she presents comes from the heart and her direct experience which makes it instantly relatable. - Nicole T. Tara Reed is very innovative, entertaining and knowledgeable! Her webinar during our event was a first for our group and was well received by the attendees. - Robin Necci, Heart of the Piedmont Chapter of the American Business Women’s Association

Tara Reed shares the story of her father’s decline into dementia and Alzheimer’s while giving practical tips about things anyone with an aging parent should look and plan for. Dementia Discussions touches on signs to watch for, how to talk with parents about planning for their golden years and when to consider stepping in and taking charge of things like finances and medical decisions. If you want something specifically designed for your group, contact Tara to discuss what you are looking for. Tara Reed is a professional artist, speaker, author and coach. Engaging and entertaining, her presentations are always thorough and loaded with relevant insight and hands on advice. Her artistic ability infuses her material with interesting and enjoyable visuals. Book Tara to empower your workforce with information about what to do so they can stay productive at work.