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Targeting Maths Middle Primary

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Graded activities that target all Maths topics


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Introduction Targeting Maths Targeting Maths is a comprehensive resource for primary schools. It has been developed so that teachers can find activities and photocopiable pages for all areas of the primary maths curriculum.

The structure of the complete series The twelve books in the series cover all aspects of the maths curriculum in an easy to access format. Each level of primary schooling — lower, middle and upper—has four books: Numeration and Fractions; Operations and Number Patterns; Space; Measurement. Each topic in the books is covered by one or more units that are progressive in level. You are able to find resources for all your students whatever their ability. This enables you to differentiate for different ability groups, within your class. It also allows you to quickly find wordsheets at different levels for remediation and extension.

The structure of this book This book contains topics covering Space: Space 2D; Space 3D; Position, Mapping and Transformation; Graphs; Chance and Data. Each topic is covered by two complete units of work.

The structure of each unit Each unit is complete in itself. It begins with a list of outcome indicators, resources needed, mathematical language used and a description of each blackline master. This is followed by suggested student activities to reinforce learning. The six photocopiable pages cover different aspects of the topic in a progressive nature and all answers are included. Each nine page unit includes an assessment page. These assessment pages are an important resource in themselves as teachers can use them to find out what their students know about a new topic. They can also be used for assessing specific outcomes when clear feedback is needed. Each topic has an activity page which contains a game or activity which further explores the topic in a fun way.

Contents Introduction Targeting Maths Topic Paths Middle Primary Overview • Space • Operations and Number patterns • Numeratio