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Middle Primary

Merryn Whitfield Integrating English with Society and Environment/Science

Integrating English with Society and Environment/Science

Middle Primary

Merryn Whitfield

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Contents The Principles Underlying this Book


The Structure of this Book


Teaching Text Types


Text Types in this Series


Useful Resources


Student Assessment


Record Sheets BLM 1 Term Planner


BLM 2 English Outcomes: National Level 3


BLM 3 English Outcomes: NSW Stage 2


BLM 4 Society and Environment Outcomes


BLM 5 Science Outcomes


BLM 6 English Skills Checklist


BLM 7 Society and Environment Skills Checklist


BLM 8 Science Skills Checklist


BLM 9 Cross-Curriculum Checklist


Units Linked with Society and Environment Unit 1 British Colonisation

Recount and Discussion


Unit 2 The First Australians

Information Report and Response


Unit 3 Significant Australian Places

Description and Exposition (Persuasion) 50

Unit 4 Explorers

Procedure and Discussion


Unit 5 The Human Body

Description and Explanation


Unit 6 The Material World

Procedure and Recount


Unit 7 Mini-Environments

Information Report and Exposition

Units Linked with Science


(Argument) Unit 8 Machines

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