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Jun 16, 2016 - Task-Based Informatics Professional Services (TBIPS) Requirement ... FoxRed Consulting Inc., CloseReach LTD. in JOINT VENTURE.
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Task-Based Informatics Professional Services (TBIPS) Requirement This requirement is for Elections Canada. This requirement is open only to those TBIPS Supply Arrangement Holders who qualified under: WORKSTREAM 3- IM/IT Service: Resource Category Category 1.5 IM Architect Level 3 The following SA Holders have been invited to submit a proposal.

Acquium Inc Adirondack Information Management Inc., Amita Corporation, Artemp Personnel Services Inc., The AIM Group Inc., in JOINT VENTURE Altis Human Resources (Ottawa) Inc., and Excel Human Resources Inc., in Joint Venture CGI Information Systems and Management Consultants Inc. ERP Connex Etico Software Canada Inc. FoxRed Consulting Inc., CloseReach LTD. in JOINT VENTURE IBM Canada Ltd. IT Services Canada Inc. Leverage Technology Resources Inc. Lockheed Martin Canada Inc. Makwa Resourcing Inc., TPG Technology Consulting Ltd. in JOINT VENTURE Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP The AIM Group Inc. Yoush Inc.

Background The Chief Electoral Officer of Canada (“CEOC”), an agent of Parliament, exercises general direction and supervision over the conduct of elections and referendums at the federal level. The CEOC heads the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer, commonly known as Elections Canada.

Having just completed the 42nd General Election, the Chief Informatics Officer Branch (CIOB) is aware that there are operational challenges with existing systems and the possibility of Electoral Reforms necessitating system, process, and data transformations to support modernized voter operations. Strong and Integrated Data Management (IDM) is critical to successfully enable the Business Sectors to fulfill the modernization of voter operations. In order to achieve this, a complete review of the current EC data management approach is required. The IM Architect will provide expertise to assist CIOB in developing the required data management direction for the agency. Requirement The resource will perform an in-depth environmental scan of EC data management systems and data requirements, document the current state of data management and the envisioned future state required to meet these needs for IDM, including any transition states. Period of the Contract The Contract period will be for approximately nine months from the Effective Date of the Contract (the “Initial Term”). The Contractor will grant to Elections Canada irrevocable options to extend the period of the Contract by two additional periods of twelve months each under the same terms and conditions. File Number: ECRS-RFP-16-0095 Contracting Authority: Ron Shaheen Phone Number: 819-939-1489 Fax Number: 819-939-1532 E-Mail: [email protected] NOTE: Task-Based Informatics Professional Services (TBIPS) Method of Supply is refreshed on an annual basis. If you wish to find out how you can be a “Qualified SA Holder”, please contact [email protected]