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Teaching Portfolio  Using the Teaching Portfolio The teachers at SDU must have sound pedagogical competences and be able to plan and carry out teaching. This is one of the quality goals of SDU’s subpolicy for higher education pedagogy and professional development. In order to obtain this goal, all employees have to prepare an updated teaching portfolio. The teaching portfolio is both a documentation and a development tool in the university’s coherent quality system. Its purpose is to make visible and guarantee that all teachers possess the pedagogical and planning competences required by their position and associated tasks. The portfolio is more than a CV In order to motivate the teachers in their work with the teaching portfolio, each faculty has made a guide on how to compose a teaching portfolio. All faculties have various guides supplemented with examples. In the guides, all faculties emphasise that the portfolio is not only to function as a CV. It also includes the teacher’s reflections on his/her own practice and experiences. The teachers is to record his/her reflections when it comes to the planning, carrying out and evaluation of different types of teaching and learning activities.

In short Are you having difficulties getting started on your teaching portfolio? This course on teaching portfolio will help you collect and produce material for your teaching portfolio. If you are interested please contact Rie Troelsen. Get inspiration for your teaching portfolio • Seldin, P. (2004). The teaching portfolio. A practical guide to improved performance and promotion/tenure decisions. 3rd ed. Anker Publishing Company • Winka, K. & Ryegård, Å (2013). Pedagogisk portfölj – för karriär och utveckling. Studentlitteratur. • Rump, C. (2006). Undervisningsportfolio. At vise hvad man kan - ikke bare hvad man vil og har prøvet. Didaktips 6. Københavns Universitet.

The portfolio as an essential tool In future work with the portfolio, focus will be on developing models and methods that can strengthen the integration of the teaching portfolio into the performance and development reviews (MUS-Samtale). For this purpose an effort will be made to apply the performance and development reviews as part of the overall acknowledgement of the employees’ accomplishments and qualifications. If you want to know more For further information on teaching portfolios and their contents, see the SDUUP website. Amongst other things, you can read about the different faculties’ requirements for a teaching portfolio, and find a guide on how to create a teaching CV in PURE.

Contact Rie Troelsen 6550 9610 [email protected] Centre for Teaching and Learning Campusvej 55, 5230 Odense M Entrance H by the SDU Swimming Pool Directory

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