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July 21st to July 23rd, 2017

The application deadline is June 21 at 12:01AM PST Send all applications to: [email protected]

Note: In order to complete the team application form you may need to download Adobe Reader.

While this application does not require immediate player selection, each player on your team must be eligible under the rules below: The Tournament is open only to all persons who: (a) may travel to the United States of America; (b) are at least the age of majority in their country of residence at the time of entry; and (c) are willing to provide your own peripherals if needed

Required Fields Email address: Applicant Name: Team Name and Web Address:

Optional Information Each field has a 500 character cap

Please briefly outline your history as an esports organization. If not an esports organization, then your history as a H1Z1 team.

Please outline the legal structure of your organization and if contracts exist between your organization and the players on your roster.

[email protected]



Do you currently field an H1Z1 team? If so, what is your roster and competitive history?

Please provide the full name, H1Z1 handle, and country of citizenship of each player. If you do not currently have a roster, please outline your plans to select players.

If you currently have H1Z1 players, please provide details regarding the H1Z1 player contracts with your organization. *Only for esport organizations. Please include term of the agreement and whether there is a prize money split between organization and players.

Please outline the key individuals responsible for the H1Z1 program in your organization.

What are the marketing commitments you are prepared to make to help grow the H1Z1 player base? i.e. commitment to content creation, content distribution, social media posts, streaming, events or other.

[email protected]