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Consistent Winners. 08. Top 10 of 2016. 10. Tchnology Fast50 India 2016, Ranking. 14. About Deloitte. 20 ... Internet and Media businesses lead the packs with strong growth rates. • Year of many ..... We hire the best and brightest talent this country has to offer and provide them with ... hosting such a wonderful platform and ...
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Technology Fast50 India 2016 Winners Report November 2016

Tech Fast50 India 2016 |  Winners report layout

Tech Fast50 India 2016 |  Winners report layout

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12 years of Technology Fast50


Consistent Winners


Top 10 of 2016


Tchnology Fast50 India 2016, Ranking


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Technology Fast50 | India 2016 Winners Report 

Technology Fast50 | India 2016 Winners Report

Foreword Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India LLP is proud to present the Twelfth edition of its Deloitte Technology Fast50 India program. A program that started in 2005 has become the pre-eminent event recognizing excellence in Technology in India and we are truly humbled by the appreciation and enthusiasm of the participants over the years. India in the last decade has transformed from being a generic technology services supplier to being a sophisticated driver of global supply and demand for technology. India today stands on the threshold of the next wave of growth with emphasis on technology and digital transformation to be the key enablers.


In such exciting times, we bring out the Twelfth edition of Deloitte Fast50 - to recognize, honor, and encourage those businesses and entrepreneurs who are striving forward with remarkable revenue growth rates using their technology, innovations, and quality of human resources. Sustaining growth in a competitive and dynamic environment needs innovation and adaptability on a continuous basis, and our Top 50 Winners of 2016 are a testament to this. To maintain the comprehensiveness and quality of rankings of high-growth technology companies, key data is sourced from qualifying businesses from across India. The resulting ranking tracks and testifies the achievement of the fastest

growing 50 technology businesses in India, private or public, as gauged by their revenue performance over the past three financial years. We are thankful to the participants in this year’s program as also all the participants from the inception of the program in 2005. This year, the average three-year revenue growth across segments were comparable to the previous trends. We have top six winners who have crossed the 1000 percent growth rate this year compared to 2 and 5 in the previous two editions, respectively. Interestingly, along with 23 new entrants into the winners list, we have 27 repeat winners from previous editions. Special congratulations to our repeat winners to

continue their growth momentum year after year and making the impact that matters. The overall winner in this year’s ranking is GreyCampus Edutech Private Limited with a three-year revenue growth of 1622 percent. The second, Stellapps Technologies Private Limited, recorded a three-year average revenue growth of 1278 percent, while the third placed, Polestar Solutions and Services India LLP, grew by 1166 percent. We congratulate all the winners on their outstanding achievement. Rajiv Sundar Partner Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India LLP


Technology | India 2016 Winners Tech Fast50 Fast50 India 2016 |  Winners report Report layout 

Technology Fast50 | India 2016 Winners Report

12 years of Tech Fast50 India 2005

•• Tech Fast50 India Program Launched; •• The program was one of the initial movers to recognize the India technology potential.


•• Nominations to Tech Fast50 India start widening •• All the winners achieve a growth rate over 100%


•• Collective average growth rate of Top 50 winners cross 450% •• 50th Ranked winner records a three-year average growth rate of over 150%


•• The program widens with largest number of nominations to date


•• Signs of downturn appear but T