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Feb 1, 2016 - Next, manual and automatic train testing will occur. ... Evergreen Line Project or have your name added to the information email subscription.
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February 2016

Testing and Commissioning: Coquitlam The Evergreen Line Project began its testing and commissioning phase in June 2015 along the alignment in Burquitlam. Testing and commissioning is underway in Port Moody, and starting in March 2016, testing and commissioning will occur along the alignment in the Coquitlam-Pinetree area. Comprehensive testing and commissioning along the Evergreen Line alignment will ensure that trains, equipment and systems are able to operate safely and effectively in advance of the Evergreen Line opening for service. Testing and commissioning includes systems testing and manual and automatic train testing. Systems testing will be done incrementally beginning with single systems like power systems, radio communications, automatic train control, tunnel ventilation and station announcements.

Next, manual and automatic train testing will occur. This phase ensures that trains can operate on the tracks and includes: • clearance testing (particularly in and around

the stations) • automatic train control testing (train signaling) • speed testing • multiple train testing

Each testing phase is conducted in sequential order. Different sections of the Evergreen Line may be in a different test phase at any given time. Test trains will begin running in Coquitlam between Falcon Drive and Lafarge Lake – Douglas Station on Pinetree Way in March 2016. Testing with trains in this section of the Evergreen Line will usually take place during the day. The public can expect to see trains moving at various speeds along the elevated, at-grade and tunnel portions of the alignment. As the Evergreen Line is an extension of the current SkyTrain system there also will be system integration tests to the existing SkyTrain Operations and Maintenance Centre.

Public Safety The public is advised that while the testing and commissioning phase is underway, associated facilities like stations and guideway are powered up and electrical services may be operating. Entry into restricted Evergreen Line project sites is not only dangerous but illegal. To ensure public safety, unauthorized entry will be prohibited. The first test train in Port Moody.

If you would like to learn more about the Evergreen Line Project or have your name added to the information email subscription list, please visit the Project Office (2900 Barnet Highway, Coquitlam) weekdays from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm or contact us: Email: [email protected] Phone: 604-927-4452 Website: www.evergreenline.gov.bc.ca

Evergreen Line | Testing and Commissioning, February 2016