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Jan 15, 2014 - graduate study programme in law (LLM or PhD) offered by the ... A limited number of scholarships is available for LLM and PhD students ...
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INVITATION  FOR  APPLICATIONS  FOR  ADMISSION  TO   LLM  AND  PHD  PROGRAMMES  2014/2015     Applications   are   invited   especially   from   candidates   in   the   East   African   Community   (EAC)   Partner  States  (i.e.  Burundi,  Kenya,  Rwanda,  Tanzania  and  Uganda)  for  entry  into  a  post-­‐ graduate  study  programme  in  law  (LLM  or  PhD)  offered  by  the  Tanzanian-­‐German  Centre   for  Eastern  African  Legal  Studies  (TGCL)  starting  on  1  August  2014.     The   TGCL   has   been   established   at   the   University   of   Dar   es   Salaam   School   of   Law   in   co-­‐ operation   with   the   University   of   Bayreuth.   Its   programmes   are   funded   by   the   German   Academic  Exchange  Service  (DAAD)  and  the  German  Foreign  Office  within  the  programme   “Establishment  of  Centres  of  Excellence  for  Teaching  and  Research  to  Train  Future  Lead-­‐ ers  in  Sub-­‐Saharan  Africa”.  

TGCL   Tanzanian-­‐German  Centre  for   Eastern  African  Legal  Studies   University  of  Dar  es  Salaam     School  of  Law     in  cooperation  with  the   University  of  Bayreuth   www.tgcl.uni-­‐  

1.  Curriculum     The  TGCL  postgraduate  study  programmes  are  conducted  at  the  University  of  Dar  es  Sa-­‐ laam   School   of   Law.   The   LLM   candidates   will   pursue   a   programme   consisting   of   course-­‐ work   and   a   dissertation   with   an   East   African   regional   and   comparative   perspective.   Stu-­‐ dents  will  be  admitted  to  the  LLM  programme  in  Regional  Integration  and  EAC  Law.     The   LLM   dissertation   should   focus   on   EAC   law   in   relation   to   the   student’s   own   national   law,  particularly  (but  not  exclusively)  in  thematic  fields  related  to  the  areas  of  cooperation   under  the  EAC  Treaty.   PhD   candidates   in   their   theses   should   compare   two   or   more   national   laws,   which   deal   with  thematic  fields  related  to  the  areas  of  cooperation  under  the  EAC  Treaty.     Further  details  on  the  thematic  areas  of  the  curriculum  and  the  research  will  be  published   online  at  www.tgcl.uni-­‐   Seminars  and  workshops  on  research  methodology  and  professional  leadership  skills  will   be   offered,   accompanied   by   an   introduction   to   German   Law   and   the   Law   of   the   European   Union,  and  a  German  language  course.     The  LLM  programme  requires  one  year  of  full-­‐time  attendance.  The  PhD  programme  takes   three  years  of  full  time  attendance.    

Contact  in  Tanzania   TGCL  Coordinator   Dr  Kennedy  Gastorn   University  of  Dar  es  Salaam   School  of  Law     P.O.  Box  35093,  Dar  es  Salaam,   Tanzania   phone:  +255  22  2410-­‐102   fax:  +255  22  2410-­‐103   [email protected]­‐    

2.  Regulations  and  Examination  

Contact  in  Germany  

The   “General   Regulations   and   Guidelines   for   Postgraduate   Study   Programmes”   of   the   University  of  Dar  es  Salaam  (Directorate  of  Postgraduate  Studies)  and  those  of  the  Univer-­‐ sity  of  Dar  es  Salaam  School  of  Law  for  such  programmes  constitute  the  legal  framework   for  the  programme.  

TGCL  Manager   University  of  Bayreuth   Johannes  Döveling,  LLM     GSP  Building   95440  Bayreuth,  Germany   phone:  +49  921  55-­‐5163   fax:  +49  921  55-­‐5162     tgcl-­‐[email protected]­‐  

3.  Admission  Requirements   The   requirements   for   admission   to   the   LLM   and   PhD   programmes   are   for   the   LLM   pro-­‐ gramme   a   Bachelor’s   degree   in   law   (LLB)   with   a   minimum   GPA   of   3.0   or   its   equivalent   from   a   recognised   institution   of   higher   legal   education,   and   for   the   PhD   programme   an   excellent  LLM  degree  from  a  recognised  institution.    

4.  Scholarships   A  limited  number