the best of the 2018 cicero speechwriting awards - Vital Speeches

Nov 2, 2017 - Gerritt Hoogenboom develop software that predicts weather patterns ...... around issues such as marketing to children. ..... B2C (business-to-consumer) domestic express ...... high levels of automation in every eli- gible location ...
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2018 EDITION 1

THESE VITAL SPEECHES THE BEST OF THE 2018 CICERO SPEECHWRITING AWARDS GRAND AWARD 3 “The Power of a Story,” by Matthew Kivel for Gregory L. Fenves, President, The University of Texas at Austin


37 LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT: “What the World Needs Now from Business,” written and delivered by Dain Dunston, Author and Leadership Coach 39 PHILOSOPHY AND/OR RELIGION: “Search,” written and delivered by Jeffrey Flint, President, Flint Speechwriting 41 RHETORIC AND COMMUNICATION: “Speechwriting: An Anglo-American Perspective,” written and delivered by Hal Gordon, Freelance Speechwriter

6 AGRICULTURE: “Even If People Can’t Move Freely, Ideas Must,” by Chris Moran for Jack Payne, Senior Vice President for Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Florida

46 TECHNOLOGY: “Living in the Glass Age,” written by Judith Navoy for Dr. Jeffrey W. Evenson, Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, Corning Incorporated

8 ENERGY: “Managing Oil Supply in an Unmanageable Market,” written and delivered by Bob Tippee, Editor, Oil & Gas Journal

49 ANALYST CALL/INVESTOR MEETING: “Invest. Grow. Deliver,” by Dean Foust for David Abney, Chairman and CEO, UPS

 12 GOVERNMENT: “Seat Belts, State Budgets and the Art of Compromise,” by John Patterson for John Cullerton, Illinois Senate President

51 COMMENCEMENT/CONVOCATION ADDRESS: “Gold in the Bushes,” by Jerry Wohletz for Dr. Gary Roberts, President, American Dental Association

 14 INSURANCE: “The New Normal for Insurers and Brokers,” by Lorne Christensen for David Fried, CEO, Emerging Markets, QBE Insurance

52 EMPLOYEE MEETING: “Why the University of Florida Matters So Much to So Many,” by Chris Moran for Jack Payne, Senior Vice President for Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Florida

17 MEDIA: “Storytelling at National Geographic in the Digital Age,” by Jack Dougherty for Susan Goldberg, Editorial Director, National Geographic Partners and Editor in Chief of National Geographic Magazine  21 MILITARY: “2017 Outstanding Veterans’ Advocate Award,” by Jacqueline Fearer for Will Hatley, Veterans Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist and Recipient of the 2017 Outstanding Veterans’ Advocate Award  22 NONPROFIT: “The State of Civil Discourse,” by David Goodstone and Mark Guarino for John Hewko, General Secretary, Rotary International

54 EULOGY/TRIBUTE SPEECH: “Freedom Adds Colour to Our Lives,” by Johan Kroes for Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert, Former Minister of Defence for the Second Rutte cabinet, The Netherlands 56 FAREWELL/RESIGNATION SPEECH: “Vulnerability, Curiosity, Courage,” by Jan Sonneveld for Jet Bussemaker, Minister of Education, Culture and Science, The Netherlands 58 INAUGURAL SPEECH: “What Kind of Leaders Will We Be?” by Leanne Boyer for Dr. David O. Barbe, President, American Medical Association

 25 TRANSPORTATION: “Growing Global: Lessons Lived and Learned,” by Janet Stovall for David Abney, Chairman and CEO, UPS

61 MOTIVATIONAL SPEECH: “Think Big. Act Small. Start Somewhere,” by Antonie van Campen for Tom Middendorp, Former Chief of Defence, The Netherlands

 27 CONTROVERSIAL OR HIGHLY POLITICIZED TOPIC: “Protecting Human Rights in Today’s Europe,” by Katya Andrusz for Michael O’Flaherty, Director, European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights

64 STATE-OF-THE-INSTITUTION SPEECH: “Tomorrow’s Industries from Today’s Science,” by Jenna Daroczy for Dr. Larry Marshall, Chief Executive, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, Australia

 30 DIVERSITY: “How We Can All Help End Domestic Violence and Abuse,” by Craig Millar for Lubna Latif, Domestic Violence and Abuse Counsellor  32 ECONOMICS: “U.S. and Canada: Sharing a Continent by Chance; Friends by Choice,” by Richard Roik for Jim Carr, Canadian Minister of Nat