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Look for interesting candleholders, such as clear square ... square vase would look cool for a hip loft wedding. ..... Tip: Consistent use of candles will unify an.
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The central design element of any wedding reception is the centerpieces. They set the mood, add color and style to the reception venue, and showcase the personality and taste of the bride and groom. Whether your style is traditional, contemporary, or eclectic, great centerpieces are a must for your wedding.

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Table of Contents: Chapter 1: The Basics of Wedding Centerpiece Design...................3 Chapter 2: Candle Centerpiece Ideas................................................5 Chapter 3: Dramatic Tall Wedding Centerpieces..............................7 Chapter 4: Fabulous Non-Floral Centerpieces..................................9 Chapter 5: Pink and Green Wedding Centerpieces..........................11 Chapter 6: Pretty Summer Wedding Centerpiece Ideas...................13 Chapter 7: Red Wedding Centerpieces............................................15 Chapter 8: Stylish High / Low Wedding Centerpieces....................17 Chapter 9: Submerged Flower Wedding Centerpieces....................19

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The Basics of Wedding Centerpiece Design Designing your own wedding centerpieces can be a very fun project, if you know where to start. Whether you want to make your own table arrangements or simply want to have the knowledge needed to work with your florist on the design of your centerpieces, the more you know, the easier it will be. These are the basic elements of wedding centerpiece design that everyone should know. The Vessel: This is what will hold your flowers. The most common vessel for centerpieces is a vase, but many other types of containers can be used. You can really set the style of your centerpieces by the type of vessels which you choose. A garden urn, for instance, would be lovely for a garden theme wedding. A tall silver vase works beautifully for a formal affair with the bride in lots of sparkling crystal bridal jewelry, and a simple tall clear cylinder is modern and clean. Baskets, pitchers, bowls, and silver mint julep cups are some other options for wedding centerpiece vessels.

Garden urn centerpiece vessel.

The vessels should also take into account the particular flowers which you wish to display. Long stemmed flowers like tulips will stand tall and proud in a tallish vase. Flowing tendrils of ivy are at their best when they are allowed to drape over the side of a footed vase or urn. Submerged flower centerpieces require a tall and slim vessel to show them off. And if you love a simple and classic look, the round shape of a rose bowl is ideal.

Pink roses are a classic flower choice. Page 3

The Flowers: Obviously, the flowers are the most important part of a wedding centerpiece. You will want to base your selections on certain categories, such as season, color, style, and cost. Choosing blossoms which are in season at the time of your wedding is always a very smart idea. They will be less expensive, fresher and prettier, and will also evoke the feeling of that time of year. A poinsettia, for instance, would be marvelous for a holiday wedding, but would be just plain odd in July. Lovely lily-of-the-valley definitely say "spring", and nothing says autumn wedding quite like mums. Of course there are some wedding flowers, especially roses, that are year-round staples.

© 2011 The colors you choose for your wedding flowers will help to create an atmosphere at your wedding. White is classic and pure, red is passionate, pale pink is feminine, hot pink is festive, and yellow is cheerful. You can create even more impact by carefully combining colors, such as fuchsia and orange for a fun and modern summertime bash. Various types of flowers will also have different moods. Orchids are exotic and sophisticated, gerbera daisies fun and casual, roses traditional and romantic, and so forth.

Unique color combinations create sophisticated wedding centerpieces.

The Extras: Once you have selected your vessels and flowers, it is time to think about the extras that will make your centerpieces unique. Brides who are wearing crystal bridal jewelry may choose to adorn their centerpieces with teardrop crystal accents dripping from the flowers. For an earthy look, weave natural elements such as wheat and seed pods into the blossoms. Or add a gentle scent to your centerpieces with the addition of fragrant lavender and rosemary. When it all comes together, you will have designed wedding centerpieces which are unforgettable.

Special accents like crystals, feathers, seed pods, or herbs will make your centerpieces original.

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Candle Centerpiece Ideas Who says that a centerpiece has to be all about the flowers? If you are looking to create a romantic mood while also saving money, candles will make the perfect centerpieces for your wedding. There are numerous creative ways to design a unique and beautiful table display around candles; for inspiration, check out these ideas... Sometimes simple is best. Tall, elegant tapers can be used to create beautiful centerpieces for almost any style of wedding. They work particularly well for more formal events, as they have a sophisticated effect that will enhance any dressy wedding, day or night. Of course, sometimes simple can end up being too plain, so the key is to find details that will make your tapers feel special. Masses of colorful tapers are fabulous for long tables. Long rectangular tables are a big trend for weddings right now, and they really lend themselves to using tall taper candles in lieu of floral centerpieces. Look for interesting candleholders, such as clear square ones, or etched glass bases. A terrific look is to wrap big faux pearls on a silver wire around the stem of a simple glass candlestick; it makes a nice complement to the style of the bride if she is wearing handmade pearl wedding jewelry. Make the display more visually appealing by selecting candleholders in different heights. If your table linens and china will be white, choose candles in a contrasting color, such as a pale blue or peach. You can also create candle-based centerpieces based on your wedding theme. For instance, let's say that you are planning a beach wedding. The bride plans to wear an informal gown with wedding jewelry that is handmade with keshi pearls. You can echo this laid back beach style in your table displays. Place a large ivory pillar candle in the center of each table on a bed of sand. Surround the candle with seashells, starfish, and branches painted to mimic red coral. The effect will be perfect for a seaside reception, and the price will be quite affordable.

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© 2011 Another wonderful idea is to use candles in hurricane lanterns as your centerpieces. They will add a warm and cozy glow to your reception, and they are also a great choice for an outdoor wedding, as the flame will be protected from the wind. To add a bit of color, you can create a wreath to fit the base of the hurricane lantern. A lovely autumn wedding centerpiece can be created from a wreath of terracotta roses encircling each hurricane. You can choose accents that are appropriate for any season. For a winter wedding, think about trimming out your lantern with evergreen boughs with a few red roses. Or wrap some red and green holly around the hurricane lanterns for a great holiday design. The possibilities are endless. Floating candles also make stunning centerpieces. Choose a low bowl with a wide mouth, or perhaps a fancy footed bowl for more height. Floating Hurricane lanterns are a lovely way to candles come in any color that you could ever want. display candles. You can also find them crafted into beautiful shapes, such as roses. It would look very pretty to alternate bowls of floating candles with bowls of floating gardenias.

Floral floating candles. There are countless other ways to use candles as your centerpieces. From masses of low votives to ornate candelabras, there is a design that will suit any style of wedding. The flickering candlelight will add romance and ambiance to your wedding reception.

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Unique centerpiece created from candles in colored sand.

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Dramatic Tall Wedding Centerpieces If you really want to make a splash at your wedding reception, you are going to need dramatic and eyecatching centerpieces for the tables. The demure little vase of white roses is simply not going to do the trick! No matter what style your wedding is going to be, there is a tall and dramatic centerpiece that will be perfect. Height in a centerpiece can come from a variety of factors, either individually, or in combination with one another. The first one is to use tall vases. The floral arrangements need not be particularly tall if the vases have a grand height. Another option is to use medium height vessels, but to set them on boxes or risers to give them a lift. Using tall natural elements like twigs or flowering branches is another wonderful way to create drama. A final option is less common, which is to have long centerpieces that suspend down from the ceiling, rather than trying to build up from the table top. Your centerpieces should suit the general style of your wedding. For instance, if you are having a formal wedding and wearing a fancy silk gown with tons of sparkling crystal bridal jewelry, then the tall vases might be ideal for your reception. Either plan to rent antique looking silver vases from a specialty shop, or for a more modern effect, use towering clear glass vessels. A trumpet shape is lovely for a more formal or traditional wedding, whereas a very tall square vase would look cool for a hip loft wedding.

Flowering branches are a dramatic way to add height to wedding centerpieces.

Renting or buying specialty vessels can get very expensive very quickly, which is why some couples prefer to use risers to elevate more standard vessels. You should still be certain to select vases with a vertical thrust for the most drama, rather than low round ones. The great thing about putting your centerpieces on risers is that you can use a collection of two or three different heights together on one table, and place a small arrangement on each. This allows you to get really creative, both in terms of the risers and the centerpieces themselves. Tall vases add elegance and presence to centerpieces.

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© 2011 For an earthy wedding, place three small bamboo or wooden boxes in the center of each table. Each vessel can be filled with a different natural element, such as one with a floating candle, another with a submerged flower, and a third filled with smooth river rocks. There are endless adaptations to this concept. If you are going for a nightclub effect at your reception, the risers can be mirrored boxes, and you can fill each vase with a different type of orchid or candle. Add to the drama by filling the bottom of your vases with a different color of glittering Swarovski crystal beads, which will dance and twinkle like fabulous bridal jewelry in the light bouncing between the mirrored boxes and the candles. Another terrific way to create height and drama at your reception is to design your centerpieces around tall branches, topiaries, or even potted miniature trees. These elements can be utilized to create one-of-a-kind displays for any theme or style of wedding, from modern to elegant to Asian inspired to ecoTall modern centerpieces with friendly. If you prefer to decorate from the top down, think submerged flowers. about substituting long strings of flowers or even origami cranes in clusters over the center of each table at the reception. The effect will be absolutely breathtaking and truly original, which after all, is exactly what every bride wants for her wedding.

Topiary centerpieces are romantic, while hanging crystal centerpieces are the ultimate in glamor.

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Fabulous Non-Floral Centerpieces Flowers are a beautiful part of any wedding. But when it comes to creative divine centerpieces for your reception, they are by no means the only option. These are some ideas on how to design fabulous nonfloral centerpieces. Think about the theme and style of your wedding when you begin planning your reception decor. This can be a great jumping off point when you are looking to design centerpieces that are out of the ordinary. For instance, are you having a beach wedding? Do you love nature? Are you a disco fanatic? Defining your personal style will help you to choose the special elements that you can use to make your centerpieces.

Spectacular tree and crystal wedding centerpieces.

Natural materials work beautifully to create centerpieces for many different styles of weddings. You would be amazed what can be done with branches, twigs, rocks, and moss. For an evening reception, tall centerpieces created from white birch branches look dramatic with tiny candlelit lanterns suspended from them. This is a gorgeous effect for a Winter Wonderland theme wedding with the addition of hanging teardrop crystals to capture the light just like crystal bridal jewelry. A more casual effect can be created by using tiny lanterns in a variety of colors.

Non-Floral centerpieces can be any style from dramatic to simple, depending which elements are chosen for the design. Candles also work wonderfully as centerpieces for beach weddings. A hurricane lantern with one large candle in it is the perfect base. Add your own personal touches to give the centerpieces style and interest. You can create a tablescape by pouring sand around the lantern and scattering seashells in it for a natural look. Driftwood place cards would be a great tie in to this type of centerpiece. A more upscale beach design would feature the hurricane lantern with faux red coral accents. Silver starfish ornaments could be tied to the napkins and double as the wedding favors. Page 9

© 2011 For brides who love the latest in hip modern design, you can go even farther with your nonfloral centerpieces. Imagine the spectacular effects that could be created using interesting elements like colorful l.e.d. lights and plexiglass boxes. The lights can be placed in the base of the clear boxes to cast a glow onto another material in the box, or they can be used on their own in the plexiglass for the ultimate in minimalist chic. Experiment with varying heights, colors, and materials to get the perfect one-of-a-kind centerpieces. Your centerpieces do not even have to sit on the tables. Consider hanging something special from above instead. It will keep your Modern ostrich feather and LED light tables clear and uncluttered while still making centerpieces. your venue stylish and beautiful. You can rent very unique long chandeliers to suspend as your centerpieces which will also cast a romantic glow onto your space. If you are the creative type, you can even handcraft your own suspended centerpieces using found materials. Lighting is another great alternative to floral centerpieces. One lovely idea is to set a gorgeous lamp on each table. There are so many styles from which to choose that there is one that will fit in with any wedding style. This can be a great solution if you are hoping to create ambiance in a venue that does not allow the open flame of a candle. The most versatile type of lamp to use is one with a clear base. If your wedding is very formal, you can fill it with glittering strands of crystal in your wedding colors, which will look stunning with your bridal jewelry, or use Christmas ornaments for a winter reception. There is no end to the possibilities once you let go of the concept that centerpieces must have flowers. From the very simple to the very ornate, there are infinite options for non-floral centerpieces. These unique creations can be a great way to make your reception stand out from the crowd. Tip: Non-Floral centerpieces are especially easy for the DIY bride to craft.

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Pink and Green Wedding Centerpieces Pink and green is one of the prettiest color combinations to use for your wedding. It is a cheerful duo, always fresh, feminine, and upbeat. For beautiful centerpieces at any time of the year, use pink and green flowers to create your displays.

There are so many ways that pink and green can be used together. The combination is classic and preppy, meaning that it never goes out of style. Pink and green flowers are perfect for the bride who is wearing a timeless gown with pearl bridal jewelry. Of course, you do not have to limit the colors to your flowers – pink and green bridesmaid dresses would be wonderful, and they also pair beautifully with classic pearl bridal jewelry for your attendants.

Favorite green flowers for centerpieces include hydrangeas, mums, orchids, and viburnum.

Sliced limes and hot pink flowers make a very festive centerpiece. Page 11

The best way to choose flowers for your centerpieces is by finding out what is going to be in season at the time of your wedding. There are certainly plenty of flowers that are available year round, such as roses and carnations, but there are many others that are at their peak at a specific time of the year. And choosing an out-of-season flower that has to be imported from a far off land will be considerably more expensive than picking something more readily available.

© 2011 Nothing says "spring" like a tulip. These elegant flowers are available in many shades from the palest pink Dutch tulip to the wildest hot pink parrot tulip. It all depends on if you prefer your centerpieces to be more classic and restrained or more exuberant and bold. The parrot tulips can be combined with exotic flowers such as green cymbidium orchids; the more delicate pale pink tulips would be lovely when accented with soft green gray lamb's ear. There are countless other fantastic pink and green centerpiece ideas for weddings of any style or season. A large tall vase overflowing with pink and green hydrangeas would be lovely for an elegant summer affair. Green viburnum also blends well with the full round hydrangea for additional texture and interest. Peonies and garden roses are two of the most scrumptious flowers that you can use in your centerpieces. There is nothing quite like the romance of these full, open flowers for a wedding bouquet or centerpiece. You can create let the pink flowers take center stage by designing floral displays in a wide range of pink colors. To add in the fresh green contrast color, place the arrangements in vintage green hobnail glass vases. Submerged floral centerpieces are all the rage these days, and they would work beautifully with the pink and green color combination. One of the best choices for flowers to submerge An elegant pink and green in a tall clear cylinder is green orchids. Layer in stems of pink hydrangea centerpiece. berries, and for a finishing touch, adhere a tailored pink and green silk ribbon to the top of each glass cylinder. You will have instant style.

There are a surprising number of other options for green flowers and accents to layer in with pink blossoms in your centerpieces. Anything from lemon leaves to ferns to gladioli can be used to give a pop of green in your pink displays. You will be able to create centerpieces for your wedding that manage to be both visually interesting and still timeless at the same time.

Sophisticated orchids come in a spectacular array of pink and green varieties. Page 12

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Pretty Summer Wedding Centerpiece Ideas Summer is the most popular season for weddings. It is sunny, the flowers are blooming, people are in a good mood – what's not to love about summertime weddings, right? Make your summer wedding shine with one of these pretty summer wedding centerpiece ideas. Each month of summer has its own distinctive feeling. June is a very traditional month for weddings, with the result that June weddings are often more classic than those held in July or August. In addition, in June you are at the tail end of the spring season, with all of its beautiful pastel flowers. This can be a great place to begin with June wedding centerpieces. A lovely centerpiece for a traditional June wedding would be a tall fluted vase filled with large faux pearls (pearl bridal jewelry being another June tradition, after all), and topped with a soft arrangement of pale pink and ivory roses, pink peonies, and flowing greenery. The result will be feminine, romantic, and perfect for June. In the hotter months of summer, weddings tend to be Roses, peonies, and orchids abound brighter and less traditional, so the centerpieces should in this romantic centerpiece. reflect that. For a July wedding, a refreshing idea would be a centerpiece built around fresh lemons and limes. One great look is to take slices of the citrus fruits and tightly pack them into clear cylindrical vases. Top with vibrant yellow flowers for a terrific look. Or skip the flowers altogether and fill footed bowls with whole lemons and limes. It is a simple but cheerful approach to summer wedding centerpieces. Bright flowers are always wonderful for high summer wedding receptions. One of the favorites is Gerbera daisies, which come in all of the best vivid shades: fuchsia, hot pink, orange, yellow, and (dyed) lime green. For a casual summer reception in the backyard, nothing can beat a cluster of cheerful Gerbera daisies in a white vase. If you like something a little more offbeat, you can “plant” the flowers into a bed of wheatgrass in a rough hewn wooden box. A row of the flower filled boxes would be fantastic for the center of a long family style reception table. Citrus is front and center in this cheerful summer centerpiece. Page 13

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Unique vessels such as birdcages and watering cans are lovely for summer wedding centerpieces. All of nature is at its finest in the summer, and there are some wonderful ideas beyond the standard vase of flowers to consider for centerpieces. A collection of vintage inspired birdcages with flowers cascading out of them would be a very unique centerpiece design with a vintage flair. To tie it all together, use vintage letterpress bird motifs to decorate your wedding stationery and favor boxes. Another idea is to create a garden theme tableau instead of traditional centerpieces. Gather an assortment of watering cans, clay pots, and the like and group in the middle of each table. Fill them with moss and small flowering plants in several colors. Use a slightly different version on each reception table to give your wedding beautiful dimension. The late summer month of August is a great time to introduce wedding centerpieces with deeper or dustier versions of mid-summer hues. Instead of lemon yellow, try a rich sunflower yellow or mango instead of bright orange. You can even mix in pre-fall blossoms like min-sunflowers and zinnias for centerpieces which will perfectly fit in with the end of summer vibe. The results will be gorgeous. Tip: Combine deeper colors with summer brights for a late summer wedding.

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Red Wedding Centerpieces Red is one of the top colors for weddings. Brides love it because it can be romantic, regal, bright, elegant, and even a little bit sexy. There are so many different ways that you can use red to create fabulous centerpieces; here are a few of the top ideas to inspire you. If you are looking for a wedding flower that says "love", you certainly cannot go wrong with red roses. This is one of the most popular flowers for bouquets and centerpieces for very good reason. Red roses are timeless, and yet they are also dramatic. The rich red pops very well against the bride's white gown. You can use red roses in a variety of ways for your centerpieces. If you are wearing a very elaborate wedding gown with sparkling custom bridal jewelry, then go for extreme opulence in your centerpieces. Tall antique Red roses are the ultimate in elegant wedding silver vases will look amazing when centerpieces. overloaded with rich red roses. Surround the vases with tall candlesticks with graceful ivory tapers for even more romantic ambiance. Red roses can also be used in a more contemporary fashion to create centerpieces with some flair. Mound red roses in a tight dome shape and display them in low square vases. For contrast, you can think about adding smaller accent displays with lime green flowers. The red and lime color combination is very hot right now. There are plenty of other beautiful red flowers besides roses. For a winter wedding, elegant red amaryllis make a lovely single flower centerpiece. They would look lovely at a reception where the bride is wearing a snow-white bridal gown with simple crystal drop custom jewelry. If you would like to add some height and architectural interest, you can use tall red-dogwood branches as an accent. To enhance the all-red effect, fill the bottom of clear glass vases with red marbles. Red amaryllis are ideal for a winter wedding. Page 15

© 2011 For a country casual wedding, red flowers work wonderfully. In the spring, bright and cheery red gerbera daisies make fun centerpieces. They look great in combination with other colors of gerberas like yellow, pink, or orange. These flowers call for absolute simplicity in the way that they are displayed. You can pop them into an eclectic assortment of vessels, like painted tin buckets or white pitchers. For a really cool effect, "plant" red and orange gerbera daisies into a bed of wheatgrass as your centerpieces. If you are having a relaxed wedding in the autumn, think about using deep red potted mums. The red mums with the yellow centers are especially pretty. The great thing about potted mums is that they are very affordable when compared to cut flowers, and yet they are also very full and beautiful plants. Best of all, after the wedding, the potted mums can be sent home with guests or planted in the newlywed's garden. Centerpieces do not have to be floral. For a bride who is having an Asian inspired wedding, a really fantastic centerpiece would be an arrangement of branches hung with red origami cranes. Red is a lucky color for Chinese weddings, and the crane is a symbol of longevity in both China and Japan. This would be a very beautiful and memorable red centerpiece design.

Tip: Layer several shades of red

flowers with red non-floral elements for a lush

centerpiece. Red has always been, and will always be, a great color for weddings. Whether your style is romantic, classic, contemporary, or eclectic, there is a red centerpiece design that will be fabulous for your wedding. When you are looking for panache, you simply can't beat red. Page 16

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Stylish High/Low Wedding Centerpieces The centerpieces at your wedding reception are a great way to really set the style of your event. The more interesting and dynamic they are, the better! One of the best wedding trends in centerpieces is to use a combination of high and low displays.

Tall floral arrangements alternate with low lanterns in this stunning purple reception. Brides today want their weddings to have lots of visual interest, as well as to be unique and creative. Just as you would not want to wear the same old basic bridal jewelry that your mother did, nor do you want your reception to look basic and boring. Just like you can customize your bridal jewelry to make it reflect your personality, you can do the same with your centerpieces. When your centerpieces are modern and stylish, your entire reception will look chic and elegant. Using a combination of high and low centerpieces is a terrific way to make your reception look fresh and fabulous. Rather than the same old low bowl of roses that brides have been doing forever, mix it up a little! You can alternate a low centerpiece on one table, with a tall display on the next. This will take your wedding away from the generic effect of having the exact same thing on each table.

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Alternating tall and short centerpieces on the reception tables is a great way to give your wedding a unique style and trim your decorating costs.

© 2011 When you are using a combination of centerpieces, the key is to have enough elements in common so that they harmonize well, while still having some contrast. Start by deciding on a general style that appeals to you. The high/low trend can be done in any number of ways, from the most modern to very romantic and feminine. It is all a matter of what you choose for flowers and containers. For instance, let's say that your wedding theme is modern elegance. The centerpieces can reflect this by using only one or two types of flowers in bold colors. You can alternate tall clear square vessels with short rectangular ones for a look that is coordinated but not too matchy-matchy. One really fresh color combination that you can use for your reception is cherry red with lime green. Fill the tall vases with real green apples, and then put a round ball shaped bouquet of red flowers on the top. Tightly packed red roses or carnations would look great. For the low rectangular centerpieces, use green flowers like lime green orchids. The effect will be stunning. Brides who are going for a more old-fashioned elegance can still take advantage of the visual interest that high/low centerpieces have to offer. For your high centerpieces, choose a tall fluted silver vase. The low vessels can be something like a low silver footed bowl. More traditional and romantic centerpieces can be created by using more of the same flowers in the high and the low vessels. Choose a variety of flowers in all one color, like pink, or use just a few types of blooms, but use a range of colors. The flowers in the tall vessels should drape over the edges a bit, and the low ones can be more contained in the footed bowl.

A unified color scheme ties together different centerpiece elements.

After you and your florist have designed the centerpieces, you can add in all of the other tabletop decor, such as the candles and possibly mirrors under the vases. To keep the room from looking too eclectic, use the same linens and china throughout. With your stylish high/low centerpieces as a focal point, the rest of your reception decor can be kept fairly simple, allowing the flowers to take center stage. Tip: Consistent use of candles will unify an eclectic group of high / low centerpieces.

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Submerged Flower Wedding Centerpieces The centerpieces are one of the most important parts of the wedding reception. They are the design element that will really set the tone for the whole affair. If you are looking for wedding centerpieces that are fresh, modern, and surprisingly affordable, consider displays of submerged flowers. Brides want their centerpieces to be big, beautiful,and showy, and yet sometimes will find it to be prohibitively expensive to have enormous floral displays. After all, think about how many flowers go into just one large floral centerpiece, and then multiply that by ten or more tables, and suddenly you will find yourself with enough flowers to stock an entire florist's shop! It can be particularly tricky to balance style and budget when you fall in love with one of the pricier blooms. There is, however, a very chic way to get impressive looking centerpieces without totally blowing your budget. One of the hottest wedding trends right now is to fill tall clear cylinders with water, and then have the florist submerge flowers in the vessels. It is a unique concept, and yet it is truly beautiful when you see the finished effect. The best part is that you only need a few flowers per cylinder, since it is a narrow space. Many favorite wedding flowers will work very well in submerged centerpieces. Tulips, orchids, berries, and amaryllis are all excellent choices, and they come in beautiful colors. Speaking of colors, with this type of arrangement, it is best to keep the look monochromatic for the cleanest effect. It is a modern chic style of centerpiece, so you want to keep it as unfussy as possible.

Exotic orchids are a favorite choice for submerged flower centerpieces.

Once you have chosen a type of flower, you can get creative with the details. For instance, for a truly striking table, use multiple cylinders in varying heights in the center. You can either use the same kind of flower in each vase, or choose different flowers in the same color palette. Orchids are one of the most popular choices for submerged flower centerpieces, and they are available in some fabulous colors. You can also choose to add some detail to the vessels, in the form of a decorative element at the bottom of each vase. For a Zen look, "plant" your flowers in a mound of smooth black pebbles in the bottom of the cylinders (which could also be rectangular, by the way). If you are going for an opulent evening look, then Swarovski crystals make a Page 19

© 2011 fantastic element in the bottom of your vessels. These are the same crystals that are found in fabulous crystal bridal jewelry, and they will look amazing when the candlelight bounces off of them underwater. You can choose to match the color of the crystal used in your bridal jewelry, or go for a bold choice like deep red. There are a few more ways to customize your centerpieces. Candles can be floated in the water on top of the flowers for a very pretty spa effect. For brides who want to have spectacular wedding centerpieces, and are willing to splurge, the ultimate in high style is to set a full floral arrangement on top of a submerged floral display. With so many ways to design them, submerged floral centerpieces are one wedding trend that is here to stay.

Customize your submerged flower centerpieces with floating candles or an opulent bouquet on top of the vase.

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Wedding Centerpiece Ideas By Bridget Mora Published by Silverland Jewelry and Gifts © 2011

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