The Certified Islamic Specialist in Capital markets

The certificate also aims to focus on the Islamic legal Provisions to deal with different types ... 3. 2. Objectives: Officers from Trade Finance Dept. 1. Shari'ah ...
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The Certified Islamic Specialist in Capital markets Introduction: Capital markets comprise one of the significant organs in the economies of modern states for their key role in collecting savings and pumping investments to finance constructive projects that contribute to the production of goods and provision of services in the community, which leads to increased rates of growth in the economy and development in societies. The decisions and advisory opinions of Islamic Fiqh Academies have recognized the central role of Capital markets. The International Islamic Fiqh Academy has stressed in one of its decisions:” The interest in the Capital markets constitutes a full obligation for the saving and development of riches given its leading to cooperation to meet the needs of the public and to perform the secular and religious rights pertaining to money common life. The Certified Islamic Specialist in Capital markets aims to qualify the experienced staff in the Islamic financial institutions to understand the nature and the basics of investment in the various financial markets, , and to identify the techniques of the used tools and the practical applications of its products and demonstrate its Islamic legitimate origin . In addition to that, it also aims at determining the extent of compatibility of a number of tools and modern products with the provisions of Islamic law, such as buying on margin, short selling, financial derivatives and others. The certificate also aims to focus on the Islamic legal Provisions to deal with different types of stocks and their methods of circulation, the issue and management of Islamic instruments, funds and investment portfolios. It is natural, therefore, to address, within the course of this certificate, the operation system of these financial markets and their regulatory and supervisory laws, the definition of the most important roles and functions entrusted to companies and institutions working in it, and the statement of the main challenges they face and ways to protect against tampering and sham deals and the possible shift into a mere theater of the squander of the wealth of the nation and an opportunity for unlawful earnings.


CIS in Capital Markets

Objectives: 1. Enhance knowledge of international trade finance products, its processes and how to apply the same for Islamic trade finance products. 2. Management of risks in international trade finance activities and discover the benefits of securitization of Islamic trade finance to extend market reach and expand breath of Islamic finance 3. Recognize the Islamic Concepts and Techniques available to issue Letter of credit 4. Understand the significance of Islamic Trade Finance Operations 5. The key risks in a trading transaction and how managed can they, and how financiers can assist in helping companies reduce the time to process trade transactions and the most effective method of financing trade transaction 6. Is a structured trade finance transaction more appropriate than a general corporate banking facility 7. Enhance fully knowledge with shari'a standard for Islamic trade finance products


Target Audience: 1. Officers from Trade Finance Dept. 2. Shari’ah Superintendent 3. Staff from Corporate Finance Dept. (Relationship Manger) 4. Officers from Operations (Trade Finance Operations) 5. Officers from Financial Control. 6. Officers in Banking Operations Auditors and Internal Control Officers 7. Government representatives 8. Importer, Exporter, Sales & Marketing in charge. 9. personnel who require sound knowledge of the operations of the various types of letter of credit (LC),(LG) & other trade financing products under conventional & Islamic concepts . 10. Operational Risk officers 11. Bankers, whose bank is willing to convert to an Islamic bank.


The Certified Islamic Specialist in Capital markets Program of the Certificate 1. Definition of the Islamic financial market and its role: • •

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