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Nov 5, 2014 - on Twitter ... whopping three years to put together and will discuss the rock climbing ... free rock climbing night that happens at the Rock Gym.
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November 5, 2014

‘Reel Rock’ coming to Brevard College By Therman Elkins Contributor

A unique experience is coming to BC in the form of the traveling film tour known as “Reel Rock.” The 9th installment of the “Reel Rock” tour, it is reminiscent of the Banff Film festival with the exception that it is strictly rockclimbing based, and includes the showing of one full-length movie. This event is one that does not usually come to the East Coast, usually playing in states like Colorado or overseas. The BC Climbing team has worked hard to see that the film tour will be making a stop in Brevard at the Ingram Auditorium on Nov. 8. The movie that will be featured is called “Valley Uprising.” The film took a whopping three years to put together and will discuss the rock climbing revolu-

tion that has taken place in Yosemite during the 1950s and the progression to the climbing culture today. This film tour comes with huge sponsors including The North Face, Evolve, and Clif Bar. There will be local sponsors as well. The cost to get in will only be $5 and the doors will open at 7 p.m. Tickets will be available for purchase both by the rock climbing team and local businesses like The Hub and the Brevard Rock Gym. BC Climbing captain James Smith is excited to have brought this special event here and hopes that the attendance will help continue to pay for the free rock climbing night that happens at the Rock Gym. He is also stoked that Brevard could be chosen to feature the tour when normally this event is in Asheville.

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November 5, 2014

Proposed coffeehouse elevation drawings

An artist’s rendering of the proposed residence hall.

College plans new additions, renovations in the coming year By Jonathan Furnell Staff Writer

BC is growing, and here are some of the things that BC plans on doing in the next year: Taylor Hall is going to be demolished due to asbestos and dilapidation. There was a fight to try and save the historical building but the damage was too great. The new building will be turned into administrative offices. Demolition will have to occur when students are not on campus because of Green Hall’s close proximity to Taylor. The demolition is on hold until there are funds. A new residence hall is planning to be built behind Jones Hall, where the sand volleyball court is. The new residence hall will boast a new pavilion and added space for the growing population here at BC. There is also a plan to make the old boiler room behind Myers Dining Hall into a coffee shop. The

1,026 square foot building will feature a coffee bar, numerous tables and seating for 32 people. It has been said that you will be able to use your student ID at the coffee shop in conjunction with Coltrane Grill. These new renovations will be an exciting addition to BC’s campus. Vice President of Admissions, Chad Holt said, “I’m very excited. I’m all for any chance to improve student space and life here at Brevard. The other board members and I feel like these new buildings and renovations will draw more students to BC.” The construction of the new residence hall and the coffee shop are expected to begin in the spring semester. The hope is to have the coffee shop completed this spring and the new residence hall completed in the fall of next year or the late summer.


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