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Aug 31, 2016 - Volume 82, Issue 1 Web Edition. August 31 ..... the Alumni House to host international students ... And from the fastest man in water, we also.
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Volume 82, Issue 1 Web Edition


Look for the trail review on page 6! August 31, 2016

Photo by Kaelyn Martin

Kings Creek Residence Hall officially opens Kings Creek Residence Hall nearing completion as students move in.

Construction on the new residence hall is almost complete and students were allowed to move in on Aug. 22. With BC’s student population growing, the new residence hall is proving to be a welcome addition to the BC campus. This marks the first time since the turn of the millennium that a new building has been added to the Brevard College campus, and signals the end of a construction process that took its first steps back in the Spring of 2015. “It's the first step into growing our residential population, it also gets the students on campus and out of Brevard Place,” Dean of Students Debora D’Anna said. The current name for the new dorm is Kings Creek Residence Hall, an apt name for the new building given its location, but this could be about to change, according to D’Anna. “We do have a possible person it will be named after, but we can’t release that until its official,”

D’Anna said. The first and third floor of the dorm will house female students, while the second floor is solely male housing. Kings Creek Hall also features two study rooms on each of the three floors, as well as a kitchen and laundry room on the terrace level. Other features of the building include the fact that students can now control the temperature of their individual rooms as well, due to the addition of air conditioning units. The first students to live in the new dorm also appear to be generally pleased with it. “There is also a wonderful view of the creek and soccer field,” said junior Maya Pardo, before adding, “the plan looks well developed.” According to Beth Abrams, Director of Housing and Residential Life, 79 of the 84 beds are currently occupied, meaning there is a total of five remaining beds, all of which coincidentally are available only in the female halls. According to D’Anna, the school plans to

increase enrollment to 1,000 students, and that currently, Kings Creek Hall is in phase one. The second phase will happen as the student population is increased, and includes plans to add another 46 beds. In the future, the school would like to see a student center added where students can relax and a place where clubs can meet and build community. It was revealed in April 2015 that Kings Creek Hall would cost approximately $6 million to construct, and with that job now drawing to a close, the College will see this as part of their mission to recruit and retain students. During the Groundbreaking Ceremony in 2015, BC President David Joyce hailed the announcement of the new dorm a “big day for Brevard College.” With the building now nearing completion, and with it receiving a warm reception from its first wave of students, this is a sentiment that appears to be proving true.

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Clubs, committees, and fairs – SGA recap

By Jessica Wiegandt

Arts & Life Editor The first week of classes began with a whirlwind of events, including two mini club fairs and the first SGA meeting of the semester. The meeting’s purpose was to be open for questions from clubs and new students about SGA and also to inform participants about what new committees were in the works. Currently, SGA is trying to figure out how many clubs officially exist on campus, as some from last year never held any events. The new budget for this year takes into account for over 15 clubs and applications are online for anyone interested in starting a new club. The clubs that attended the meeting (BC Greens, Paddling Club, Pastimes History Club, BC EATS, Pride Club and Outing Club) were able to participate in the discussion of what committees SGA should focus on this semester. The committees SGA backs use funds from SGA to improve various aspects of campus. This year, SGA is going to have a Grassical and Earthfest Committee to help plan the event for the spring semester. The committees that may take effect this year are the Recycling Committee, which will be responsible for ensuring a more eco-friendly campus, a Chillaxin’ Committee, which will look in to getting hammock structures around campus to reduce the overuse of trees, and a Compliance Committee, which will check in with clubs throughout the year to make sure each club is meeting the requirements to gain funds from SGA. For those who missed the meeting, there will be weekly meetings that are open to all students. Each club must have a representative at the SGA meetings to update the board on funds that are being used and events that are taking place. Speaker of the Clubs, Lance Perl, said a big club fair is being planned and will take place soon. “Club leaders should be on the lookout for information coming their way soon about the fair and upcoming events,” said Perl. “We want this year to be one where we involve a lot of students in the clubs and clear communication is a priority. If you have any questions, feel free to get in contact with us [SGA].”

Campus News

The Clarion

| August 31, 2016

Welcome to Brevard A tour around the town By Jordon Morgan Staff writer

Despite being a town of only 7500 people, or perhaps because of it, Brevard, North Carolina is a town that is a perfect welcome for the students of Brevard College. From quaint shops in the downtown area, to the various walking trails and creeks, there is indeed something for everyone to look forward to. When it comes to the downtown area of Brevard, one of the more interesting eateries you’ll find is Rocky’s Soda Shop. Rocky’s strives to capture the feeling of an old fashioned diner, as it perfectly encapsulates the 1950’s era. It has shakes and malts, not to mention an interior design that gives the impression of a 50’s diner. After lunch, stop by Kiwi Gelato, a unique setting due to the New Zealand inspired recipes for its aptly named sweet treats. The multitude of flavors it offers ensures that there is an appropriate choice no matter who you are. Both of these places aren’t just any humdrum shops you’ll find in any small town and as such, need to be tried out first hand. One of the most exciting things about Brevard is that, despite its size, it has an extensive range of shops and locations that cater to the outdoor focused BC student. An example of that would be D.D. Bullwinkle’s which is actually located right next to Rocky’s. It includes a plethora of hiking shoes/boots, hammocks, and small, brand name camping gear. On that topic, an exciting piece of news for Brevard is that D.D. Bullwinkle’s will be moving in the Spring of 2017 to its new location, across from Maya’s Grill on Main Street. This will allow it to expand much further and provide even more of a variety of outdoor products to choose from. Another must-see for the outdoor lover is The Hub, located right outside the Pisgah National Forest entrance. It is the newest shop to offer a collection of outdoor and biking gear. You can find a different food truck parked outside daily, so if you’re hungry while preparing for your next mountain biking trip, rest assured there will be something to eat. In downtown Brevard, there are art galleries and art shops that one could take a stroll through. One example is the Red Wolf Gallery on Main Street, which features some Native American inspired art as well as many paintings and sculptures from local artists. If you’re looking for some local art on a budget however, a small store called Local Color will

definitely suit your needs. This shop includes nothing but locally made art pieces and accessories such as handmade jewelry, wall décor, and various other knickknacks. Finally, something that every college student (of age) should know, is where to find some good bars. The Pisgah Tavern, which is connected to The Hub, offers a convenient drinking hole for the avid cyclist who is a bit thirsty after their long trip. The Phoenix, located just a short distance from Kiwi Gelato, is also a great choice as it has a very relaxed atmosphere that on occasion features live musical performances. This sampling of the shops of Brevard, North Carolina is only a taste of the exciting things that can be found to do. Simply put, if you are a Brevard College student, the town that surrounds you can provide anything you have interest in, if you get out there and explore.

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August 31, 2016 | The Clarion

Criminal Justice Honor Society kicks off their year

Campus News

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By April Armstrong

Contributor The Criminal Justice Honor Society, Alpha Phi Sigma, held its first meeting of the school year on Friday, Aug. 26. The meeting started off with an opening of the gavel and an introduction of this year's officers. Erin Barr was elected to fill the position of Sergeant in Arms. President Tiela Smith and the other officers then discussed some of their expectations regarding how each member should present themselves. Because the members represent both the college and the chapter, Alpha Phi Sigma, they are expected to behave in a respectable manner and to attend any events and mandatory meetings. Anyone who violates the student code of conduct may be removed from the chapter. This year the chapter will be opening a snack bar for many events, including soccer and baseball games to raise money for athletics. The money itself can then be petitioned for by the coach of the specific sport where the money was raised. The money may be used for new uniforms and other equipment. On Sep. 5 there will be between 60 and 70 high school students on campus to play Pokemon Go and the chapter will be opening the snack bar to the students from 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. This will be a great way to get students interested in the college and the honors society itself. “We currently have 21 members, 3 of which are faculty, and another 7 have recently submitted applications,” Smith said. In order for a student to be a part of Alpha Phi Sigma they must be a Criminal Justice major or minor, have a cumulative GPA of 3.2 and have passed at least 4 Criminal Justice courses. As well as opening a snack bar and recruiting, the chapter will be putting together a committee to present at town hall meetings. The chapter will discuss with students and members of the community different issues. “[I want to] see a successful snack bar run... [have] more students at the town hall meetings we conduct, as well as community members. I also hope to bring some members to a national conference in the spring… in which we will debate with other schools a part of Alpha Phi Sigma,” Smith said. “Overall, Alpha Phi Sigma is still new to Brevard and I ultimately hope I can build something that will last as a legacy for Brevard to live up to and continue for the years to come.”

Photo by Theresa Morgan

First International Club meeting in the Alumni House.

International Club first meeting By Florian Peyssonneaux Contributor

Brevard College’s International Club met Sunday, Aug. 18, for the first time this year in the Alumni House to host international students who have just returned to America. “It’s always great to welcome BC’s talented international students back to the campus,” Paul Morgan, activity coordinator at Brevard College said. “We’re primed to enjoy another active and profitable school year.” The first meeting for International Club has an important role as the club’s members can be informed of all the opportunities that will be offered throughout the year. The club organizes dinners, visits and other various activities to keep students regularly engaged. Anita Maryskova, President of the club said, “we usually take the students to places where they wouldn’t probably go without the club, and we make it affordable or with no charge for them.” This gathering is also a way for new students to meet a selection of host families for the first time, or for returning students to talk about their summer vacations. Even if the main goal of the

club is to give the opportunity to international students to know each other, the role of host families in the club is major. The host families are mostly bilingual retirees who traveled a lot in their professional life and are now settled in Brevard. They are crucial for the club as they are willing to spend time to do various activities with the students and make them feel at home. This year the club has only one new recruit who is a student coach from Japan. All of BC’s international students are automatically part of the club and can participate in the activities as they wish. The club has had a decrease in members this year, partly due to the transition from DII to DIII, since most international students were on athletic scholarship. The goal of the meeting is to help people who did not grow up in America to adapt more fluidly to the local culture. For Maryskova, who has been a member of this club for many years, “the international club members are very close friends and it makes it even more enjoyable to hang around with different people from different countries.”

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Rio 2016 – Olympics review By Calum McAndrew Editor in Chief

Record breakers in a broken city, and elation mixed famously with humiliation. The 2016 Olympics, hosted in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, will live in the memory of millions, but will that necessarily be for the right reasons? The United States topped the medal list in a landslide victory, with Great Britain shocking many by beating China to second place, but it was less about the achievements of collective nations than the accomplishments of a few individuals that stole the show. Amidst all of the excitement and glory, there was however still a bitter aftertaste that lingered as a result of the problems surrounding the host nation, Brazil. Dilma Rousseff, Brazil’s President was impeached not three months before the games began, and the country had plunged into economic recession. Amazingly, that still wasn’t the biggest problem the city had to face in the lead up to the games. The outbreak of the Zika virus turned into an epidemic, and had locals, visitors and athletes alike fearing for their health. Even if you choose to ignore the blatant economic, social, political and health issues that the country had to face, there was still an even larger claim to infamy for these games. As the Olympic village was erected, it was claimed that thousands of families were displaced to accommodate for the athletes and spectators. In an article in July, The Guardian reported that roughly 70,000 families had been moved since the announcement in 2009 that Rio would host the games, which has been grossly contested by the city government. Even if these figures are exaggerated, there is no disputing that thousands of people were moved away from homes, and inadequately relocated. With the mass poverty that already exists in the area, this is not the type of press the local government would want revealed. Enough of the doom and gloom though. Even if the aspects surrounding the games were a real life version of the Shawshank Redemption, just without any redemption, we were treated to weeks of entertainment and awe-inspiring talent. Michael Phelps was one of the main culprits for this, as he broke a 2000-year-old record, which is simply a baffling statistic. Phelps became the first ever person to win 23 Olympic gold medals, overtaking the previous record holder Leonidas of Rhodes. And from the fastest man in water, we also witnessed the final Olympic appearance of the fastest man on land. Usain Bolt continued to astonish, once again picking up every medal he was in contention for.

Ryan Lochte, Phelps’ American swimming teammate will live in infamy as a result of these historic games however, in what has to be the most entertaining lie ever told. Getting drunk might be an excuse for breaking your roommates lamp, but is highly unlikely to be forgiven when it causes an international incident, and apparently demands the full focus of the Brazilian police. The whole disaster surrounding Lochte became so phenomenally ludicrous, that at some undisclosed point, it stopped being a problem, and just started being hilarious. His quote, “I over exaggerated that story,” summed it all up quite nicely, and would have gone down as the greatest understatement in recent history, had he not then said, “if I hadn’t done that, we wouldn’t be in this mess.” Thanks for clarifying Ryan. Many Russian athletes were also banned from the games, for a drug test spreadsheet that must have looked similar to what one would have looked like at Woodstock. You can’t really blame the Russians for trying to gain an advantage by pumping their bodies full of performance enhancing drugs. After all, with Brazil being about as geographically far away from Russia as it gets, I can understand the overwhelming desire to qualify. There were several politically astounding moments, none more so than when a North Korean and South Korean gymnast posed together in what may go down as the most important, peace promoting selfie of all time. As much as you think the one you posted last week with “Live, Laugh, Love,” as the caption should take that claim, I’m sorry, but you’ve been beaten. Back to the Americans, ‘The Final Five,’ also stole the show as they lived up to their pre games billing. Led by the superior Simone Biles, the team took gold in the women’s gymnastics team event, adding to the aforementioned Biles own four individual gold medals and one bronze. It’s unlikely we’ll ever see another Olympics like it. We may never see another athlete as dominant as Michael Phelps, unless they start allowing sharks to compete in the 100 meter butterfly. We may never see the speed of Usain Bolt again or the endurance of Mo Farah, and if we’re lucky, we’ll never see another haircut like Ryan Lochte’s. Actually, if we’re really lucky we’ll never see Ryan Lochte again, but that’s just hopeful speaking. The games were historic; there is no getting around that. Whether it be the bizarre, the controversy or the countless problems surrounding the games that are mentioned first when people speak about Rio 2016 in years to come, it’s important not to forget the sublime that made it all worthwhile.

The Clarion

| August 31, 2016

Back to school playlist By Tucker Fry

Staff Writer School is finally here, so what a better way to start school than a playlist to help you. This playlist has some 2015 songs and some 2016 songs. The playlist holds a variety of relaxing and fast paced songs for everyone to listen to! Ocean Drive - Duke Dumont Let Me Love You (feat. Justin Bieber) - DJ Snake Kids - OneRepublic WILD (feat. Alessia Cara) - Troye Sivan THat Part (Black Hippy Remix) - ScHoolboy Q Scars to Your Beautiful - Alessia Cara Juke Jam (feat. Justin Bieber & Towkio) Chance the Rapper Morning In America - Jon Bellion Waves - Kanye West Am I Wrong (feat. ScHoolboy Q) - Anderson .Paak TiO - ZAYN Self Control - Frank Ocean Your Soul - Hippie Sabotage Aloha (feat. Merryn Jeann) - Møme Ride - twenty one pilots Hymn for the Weekend - Coldplay Too Good (feat. Rihanna) - Drake Coming Home - Leon Bridges Suede - NxWorries Dopamine (feat. Maesu) - Rvdical The Kid We Won’t - Jaymes Young & Phoebe Ryan Loosin Control - Russ Daddy Lessons - Beyoncé Retrogade - James Blake For Free (feat. Drake) - DJ Khaled Nobody Better - Jakubi Toothbrush - DNCE Worn - DJ Notables A.M. - One Direction Hands To Myself - Selena Gomez

First football game of the season on Thursday, Sept. 1 vs. East Stroudsburg at 5:45 p.m. at Brevard High School

August 31, 2016 | The Clarion

Arts & Life

Photo by Jessica Wiegandt

Members of Paddling club instruct students during lake day at Camp High Rocks.

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Photo by Jessica Wiegandt

Isabel Edwards and Sarah Magley celebrate together after successfully rolling in a kayak.

A successful day on the lake

Paddling and Outing Club join forces to get students outside

By Jessica Wiegandt

Arts & Life Editor “You’ve got me, right? Because I’ve never done this before,” Marlowe Macklin laughed as he slid into the lake at Camp High Rocks. Outing Club and Paddling Club partnered together on Sunday, August 28, to host a lake outing. The two clubs collaborated and had seven Stand Up Paddleboards (SUPs) and seven whitewater kayaks for students to use. There were 30 students in attendance. “We got the idea last spring when we got feedback from members of the club wanting a day early on in the school year to hang out and learn how to paddle,” Davis Jones, a Paddling Club president, said. “So we talked with AM [President of Outing Club] and came up with the lake day. That way we pulled from students in both clubs.” Camp High Rocks agreed to let the clubs utilize the lake on site and Beth Wiegandt, an American Canoe Association SUP instructor came to teach students the basics for controlling the boards. “I think it’s a neat idea, and it gets

a lot of students engaged and involved early on in the school year,” Jones said. Members of Paddling Club helped instruct students on how to get in and out of the kayaks, how to maneuver the boats, and how to successfully roll. Students on SUPs were able to practice paddling around the lake and see how well balanced they were on the boards. “We all pretty much fell in,” McDara Folan said, “But it was still a really fun way to spend an afternoon outside.” Jones said he wants to continue hosting events both beginners and experienced paddlers can attend. “Hopefully we can make a solid group of students who will go out and teach each other and paddle together and it’ll be because Paddling Club introduced them to one another,” Jones said. Over half of the students who attended the lake day had little-to-no experience with paddlesports, especially whitewater, but by the end of the day everyone had tried either a SUP or kayak and some tried both. “They look

like they’re in a class or something,” Wiegandt said as she watched seven students paddle their boards across the lake, “They’re all paddling really well and in control. That’s impressive.” Outing Club President Anna Marie Conard is hoping to engage all the outdoor clubs and co-host events with them. “Outing Club has such an easy job here,” Conard said, “We can go hiking, paddling, climbing, biking, and so much more and there are so many clubs that get students outside. Outing Club is here to help with that. My goal is to have students engaged outside and having fun, just like what happened today at the lake.” By the end of the day, students had paddled, played corn hole, had a grill-out for dinner and made connections for new people they could go outside with. “We had a good mix of upperclassmen and freshmen here, and everyone seemed to get along well,” Conard said, “I think we have a few new people hooked on paddling and everyone met more people who like getting outside and enjoying nature.”

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Movie Review:

Arts & Life

The Clarion

Offcampus hiking

By Jeni Welch

Overhyped and underwhelming

‘Suicide Squad’ review By Michael Heiskell

Opinion Editor “Suicide Squad” is the latest DC film to feel a little underdeveloped. A year of teasers and promises can set up any film to fail, and this one failed miserably. “Suicide Squad” is about a government funded group of villains called Task Force X. Led by Deadshot (Will Smith) and the mischievous Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), they must go on extremely dangerous missions for redemption. This is an ensemble movie. Meaning the cast is as good as its weakest character. Unfortunately for “Suicide Squad”, they’re almost all flat. They feel more like comic book caricatures instead of characters. This is mostly because the average film goer likely doesn’t know these characters. So a large part of the film is exposition and flashbacks. They make it a point to say how bad these characters are, or that they are damaged. Instead it should have been shown in the context of the action. It’s lazy screenwriting that underestimates the deductive reasoning of the audience. We can watch a character and know that he is damaged and hurting. You don’t have to literally spell it out for us. I’m not saying there aren’t any redeeming

qualities to this film. Will Smith and Margot Robbie both were excellent and compelling. You can tell the screenwriters spent more time getting into the minds of Deadshot and Harley Quinn. These were the only two characters in the ensemble that felt fleshed out. Smith and Robbie don’t deserve the backlash they have gotten for being part of the project. No fault is their own. I see this film as a battle between director and producer. This is what I always assume when a good director makes a bad movie. David Ayer has directed some incredible films, and I was excited that he was brought on to this project. However, the film is a directorial mess. There are a lot of moving pieces and characters running about, but no sense of control. There seems to be a distinct vision, but not one that is fully executed. I can only assume that the producers fought with Ayer to make something that fits in the grand scheme of their franchise and not a good standalone film. The film just doesn’t have a stable identity. Instead, it feels like a rush job made to try and catch up with the recent Marvel successes. Overall, I would give this film a 2 out of 5 stars. It’s a mess, but Will Smith and Margot Robbie save it from being a complete disaster. It might be worth renting, but I’d skip the cinema.

| August 31, 2016

Staff writer With a new year starting, students are filling free time with clubs, new friends and on-campus activities. For a quick escape and a first-hand experience in the mountains of Western North Carolina, look no further than DuPont State Forest and Pisgah National Forest. Both areas offer biking and hiking trails. DuPont’s Waterfalls Tour Trail is an easy biking experience for people looking to enjoy a day out and about while still being active. The trail connects Hooker Falls, Triple Falls, Bridal Veil Falls and more. It can range between 0.6 miles to 6 miles depending on personal preference. This is the perfect trail for persons looking to enjoy a leisurely bike ride with cascading waterfalls. Pisgah National Forest is made up of more than 500,000 acres of forest and many trails with varying levels of difficulty to hike. Pink Beds offers a loop hike of 5.1 miles. The trailhead is located at the back left corner of the parking lot. This moderate rated trail engulfs the hiker in a different world. The trail only gains 200 feet in elevation, but it ranges from canopies of mountain laurels and rhododendron to natural mountains bogs. Pink Beds is rewarding and unforgettable for nature lovers. If a more difficult hike is on the agenda, Looking Glass Rock trail in Pisgah is the way to go. The rough trail gains 1,649 feet of elevation on the 6.4 mile round-trip hike. The strenuous hike is worth every bit of effort. The reward is a stunning view that has been printed on numerous postcards and brings tourists from around the nation annually. Looking Glass Rock offers a view of the Blue Ridge Parkway and Black Balsam Mountain. It has been and will remain one of the most popular trails in the area. Whether you are looking for a breathtaking view or a simple walk to clear your head, the mountains of Western North Carolina offer countless routes all with different and diverse scenery. Always remember to stay on the marked trails to adhere to conservation efforts and be aware of your surroundings. More information can be gathered at the Pisgah National Forest Ranger Station and Visitors Center, located approximately two miles into Pisgah National Forest on U.S. 276. The DuPont State Forest Visitors Center is in the same location as the High Falls parking lot on Staton Road.

Arts & Life Video Game Review: August 31, 2016 | The Clarion

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Porter Resident Evil: Center Revelations 2 piano A decent but uneven concert horror experience By Jordon Morgan

Staff writer “Resident Evil: Revelations 2” is the sequel to the original “Revelations” released in early 2012, and the tenth installment of the “Resident Evil” series. Set between the events of “Resident Evil 5” and “Resident Evil 6”, the game tells the story of Claire Redfield and Moira Burton, two members of a humanitarian group known as Terra Save. The two are at an official gathering when they’re abducted by a group of armed soldiers and taken to a mysterious island. Upon waking up in a prison facility, they are then forced to battle horribly mutated beings in an experiment conducted by the villain of the story, dubbed “The Overseer.” While basic on the surface, the plot succumbs to unnecessary twists and turns that leave the player confused as to why they should care about anything that’s going on. Especially seeing as how none of the characters, save for two or three, are interesting or likable in any way. Ultimately, the story falls flat in providing any incentive for the player to care, and as a result it becomes tedious. The narrative is told in an episodic format with one half of each episode played as Claire and Moira, and the other half as Moira’s father Barry who comes to the island in search of his daughter. After completing the main plot there are two extra bonus episodes that you can play that give a little extra insight on some story elements that were previously unexplained. Thankfully the gameplay does hold up its own end. The game is played from a thirdperson perspective and places a heavy emphasis on action and can even be played cooperatively with your friends or online. Basic arsenals that are included consist of pistols, shotguns, and sub-machine guns. While not providing much variety, they are definitely satisfying to use. The different types of enemies you encounter ensure that each weapon is useful in their own ways. From using shotguns on hulking brutes or handguns on basic enemies, there is

a strong need to keep all types of weapons to have handy in any situation. In addition, there are throwing weapons such as firebomb and exploding bottles that give great help when you’re in a tight spot. All of the weapons are needed as enemies come at you in several different ways. Some are your standard grunts that go down with a few bullets. Some are taller, axe-wielding brutes that have a wide range of attack. There is even one type of enemy that is invisible and has to be carefully studied in order to find its pattern. While the game never succeeds in truly terrifying you, especially since ammo can be quite plentiful, the enemy variety keeps you on your guard so you aren’t completely relaxed. When it comes to the previously mentioned bonus episodes, the gameplay is incredibly simplified. In one episode, you’re essentially just trying to kill all the enemies in a single area before moving on to the next check point. The other bonus episode focuses on stealth, but the stealth mechanics are very basic and underdeveloped. If you’re spotted you fail the mission and have to restart from a checkpoint. That won’t happen often because the enemies you’re avoiding have easily readable patterns they adhere to without variation. Ultimately it makes the experience too easy, and as a result, quite boring. When all of that is finished there is something called Raid Mode that places various challenges, mostly killing enemies, in front of you to earn experience, purchase upgrades, and expand your arsenal. While enjoyable, it suffers from the fact that at the outset there is only one main mission available and you need to unlock the other ones by grinding and earning medallions. “Revelations 2” is a decent action horror game that if you have a friend, is very enjoyable to play. The weak story and characters combined with how basic a good portion of the gameplay design is, leaves little incentive to play it after completion.

By Tucker Fry Staff Writer

J. S. Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven, Johannes Brahms, and Franz Liszt have composed some of the most beautiful pieces that can be played on piano, and have also created some of the hardest piano pieces to play. For Katherine Morgan Palmer, these pieces appear to come naturally. On the afternoon of Sunday, Aug. 28 in The Porter Center for Performing Arts, there was a pianist by the name of Katherine Morgan Palmer who sat down and shared with the audience her talent. She began by describing each piece she was about to play. The interesting thing was that every piece had a different feel to them. One was bright but serious, one was sad and depressing, another one was friendly and welcoming, and another was fun and cheerful. In every piece there was always a suspenseful but interesting pause, but after that she would dive right into the next part of the composed song. The most awe inspiring parts of the performance came during some of the most complicated moments of the piece, as Palmer looked away out into the distance. At times she looked at her hand placements, almost as she had the music impacted in the back of her brain. As her final song, she played Vallée d’Obermann from Années de pèlerinage by Franz Liszt. Before the piece she explained how Liszt was the rock star of his time. He started the idea to perform the piece from memory and not have it in front of you. That concept was a more professional approach to piano playing, and he would also face the piano towards the audience so they could see his hand movement on the keys. After explaining all the interesting facts about Liszt, she dove right into the piece. When she finished, the audience rose to their feet in a standing ovation. They all knew that she was an incredible piano player, and a very talented human being.

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The Clarion

| August 31, 2016

Women’s BC Volleyball McPhillips named soccer looking preseason All-SAC strong heading picked 12th By Joseph Swanson into regular season play in 2016 SAC By Alex Perri Athletic Media Relations Director

Staff Writer The BC Women’s soccer team has kicked off the Fall 2016 season to a promising start by clinching a win in all three of its preseason openers. The Tornados finished out the preseason with 3-1, 2-0, and 1-0 score lines against Montreat College, Southern Wesleyan University, and Emmanuel College respectively. Poor weather conditions halted the Tornados’ first scheduled game of the season after the women’s team traveled to Erskine College after thunderstorms caused a game cancelation. Other unfavorable circumstances threaten to halt team operations too, due to the unfinished turf field currently undergoing construction on campus. Neither of these obstacles however has stopped the BC women from beating all three of their opponents in preseason competitions. Strong appearances from returning players, and incoming freshman combine to create a winning team for the Tornadoes. Sophomore Sydney Shaw scored the inaugural goal of the 2016 season after a Montreat foul in the 18 yard box led to a penalty kick, which Shaw put in the back of the net after an initial rebound from the post. Juniors Kaylee Smith and Sarah Rhoades were the next to score for the Tornadoes in the Montreat contest with both goals being scored off of offensive set pieces. Former 2015 MVP for the Tornados, Anita Maryskova, also proved to be a strong returner as the lone goal scorer, with two goals, in the Aug. 24 game against Southern Wesleyan University. Despite numerous shots on goal from a mass of BC women, Maryskova was the only player to find the back of the net. Freshman Ashley Mevoli also began her goal scoring career for the tornados Saturday Aug. 27 by finishing a well-placed cross from Sophomore Megan Shina. Mevoli’s goal decided the match after a gritty defensive effort from the Tornadoes to finish with a 1-0 victory. The Tornadoes first game of the season will take place in Bristol, Tenn. against the King University Tornados on Sept. 1. With a promising 3-0 record the BC Tornados look to continue the promising performances of preseason play into its conference matches.

The Brevard College Tornados were selected to finish 12th in the 2016 South Atlantic Conference Men’s Soccer preseason coaches’ poll, while senior forward  Ryan McPhilBy Joseph Swanson lips (Glasgow, Scotland) was voted to the preAthletic Media Relations Director season All-SAC Second Team, it was unveiled The Brevard College Tornados Volleyball by officials of the league office on Monday.  Team was selected to finish 11th in the 2016 Brevard closed out SAC play in 2015 with a South Atlantic Conference preseason coaches’ 4-5- 2 record capturing conference victories at poll, it was announced by officials of the league Coker and Newberry and home against Anderoffice on Tuesday.  son and Catawba. The Tornados four conference “It doesn’t come as a surprise to be picked wins marked the most league wins in school 11th in this year’s pre-season poll,” said head history, qualifying the squad for post-season volleyball coach Anna Wagner. “This conference play. Brevard’s season ended in 4-0 loss at No. 1 has proven to be challenging from top to bottom Carson-Newman in the conference quarterfinal.  and once again, we are up for the challenge. It “Knowing we had a great season in 2015,” has been great to see both returners and fresh- said head soccer coach Shug Shinohara. “Gives man stepping in to fill the gaps from graduating us added motivation heading into this upcoming Fatima and Kindle and I have been impressed season. We want to bring it on a gamely basis, with the level of play in our gym. ”  going up against great talent around the league Following a historic 2015 campaign where and try to prove this prediction wrong.”  the Tornados collected a school best nine conThough the Tornados return nearly 93 percent ference wins, finishing conference play with a of last years scoring, Brevard didn’t fare well 9-13 overall record. Brevard rose to the occasion in the 2016 projections as they were picked to under new head coach Anna Wagner sweeping finish 12th with 12 points.  Defending SAC conference opponents Coker, tournament champion Wingate took home the Queens and Tusculum, while splitting with top spot with 119 total points and 9 out of 12 Mars Hill, Newberry and Anderson to earn a spot first-place votes. Remaining SAC regular season in the conference quarterfinal against Wingate. champion Carson-Newman was second with Though the young Tornados squad would fall 112 points, while Lincoln Memorial was picked by a 3-0 final to the Bulldogs, Wagner’s squad third-place with 95.  demonstrated they were not to be taken lightly.  Queens (98), Tusculum (77) and Anderson “Earning a spot in the conference tournament (71) rounded out the upper half of the poll, last year was a huge accomplishment for the while the bottom half of the poll was comprised young women in the program and just being of Lenoir-Rhyne (65), Mars Hill (46), Catawba there wasn’t enough,” said Wagner.  (44), Coker (33), Newberry (26) and Brevard The 2016 Tornados return to the hardwood (12).  returning the bulk of their quarterfinal roster, In connection with the coaches’ poll, the however, coach Wagner’s now veteran team league office also announced the 26 player Alldidn’t fare well in the 2016 preseason forecast SAC selections. Senior forward Ryan McPhilas they were picked to finish 11th with 30 points, lips was named to the second team following being edged out by Mars Hill for a top-10 projec- All-Conference Honorable Mention honors in tion by three points.  2015.  “As Brevard’s last year in the South-Atlantic McPhillips completed his junior season in the Conference, we are prepared to make a state- blue and white with four goals and two assists ment,” said Wagner.  on 21 shots with 13 finding their mark. The The remainder of the preseason poll lead off Glasgow, Scotland native’s season also included with Wingate being picked to another confer- two game winning goals Laurel and Anderson.  ence title while the shake up in this seasons “We are absolutely delighted about Ryan being standings came with Lenior-Rhyne and Lincoln named to the second team,” said Shinohara. “He Memorial being picked in the second and third deserves the honor and has returned in top shape spots, respectively, while last season’s confer- for his final year and is one who has set the tone ence champion Carson-Newman was picked to from the beginning of preseason, always putting finish fourth with 81 points. the team mentality first.”