The Clarion, Vol. 82, Issue #1 - Aug. 31, 2016 - Brevard College

Aug 31, 2016 - Volume 82, Issue 1 Web Edition. August 31 ..... the Alumni House to host international students ... And from the fastest man in water, we also.
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Volume 82, Issue 1 Web Edition


Look for the trail review on page 6! August 31, 2016

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Kings Creek Residence Hall officially opens Kings Creek Residence Hall nearing completion as students move in.

Construction on the new residence hall is almost complete and students were allowed to move in on Aug. 22. With BC’s student population growing, the new residence hall is proving to be a welcome addition to the BC campus. This marks the first time since the turn of the millennium that a new building has been added to the Brevard College campus, and signals the end of a construction process that took its first steps back in the Spring of 2015. “It's the first step into growing our residential population, it also gets the students on campus and out of Brevard Place,” Dean of Students Debora D’Anna said. The current name for the new dorm is Kings Creek Residence Hall, an apt name for the new building given its location, but this could be about to change, according to D’Anna. “We do have a possible person it will be named after, but we can’t release that until its official,”

D’Anna said. The first and third floor of the dorm will house female students, while the second floor is solely male housing. Kings Creek Hall also features two study rooms on each of the three floors, as well as a kitchen and laundry room on the terrace level. Other features of the building include the fact that students can now control the temperature of their individual rooms as well, due to the addition of air conditioning units. The first students to live in the new dorm also appear to be generally pleased with it. “There is also a wonderful view of the creek and soccer field,” said junior Maya Pardo, before adding, “the plan looks well developed.” According to Beth Abrams, Director of Housing and Residential Life, 79 of the 84 beds are currently occupied, meaning there is a total of five remaining beds, all of which coincidentally are available only in the female halls. According to D’Anna, the school plans to

increase enrollment to 1,000 students, and that currently, Kings Creek Hall is in phase one. The second phase will happen as the student population is increased, and includes plans to add another 46 beds. In the future, the school would like to see a student center added where students can relax and a place where clubs can meet and build community. It was revealed in April 2015 that Kings Creek Hall would cost approximately $6 million to construct, and with that job now drawing to a close, the College will see this as part of their mission to recruit and retain students. During the Groundbreaking Ceremony in 2015, BC President David Joyce hailed the announcement of the new dorm a “big day for Brevard College.” With the building now nearing completion, and with it receiving a warm reception from its first wave of students, this is a sentiment that appears to be proving true.

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Clubs, committees, and fairs – SGA recap

By Jessica Wiegandt

Arts & Life Editor The first week of classes began with a whirlwind of events, including two mini club fairs and the first SGA meeting of the semester. The meeting’s purpose was to be open for questions from clubs and new students about SGA and also to inform participants about what new committees were in the works. Currently, SGA is trying to figure out how many clubs officially exist on campus, as some from last year never held any events. The new budget for this year takes into account for over 15 clubs and applications are online for anyone interested in starting a new club. The clubs that attended the meeting (BC Greens, Paddling Club, Pastimes History Club, BC EATS, Pride Club and Outing Club) were able to participate in the discussion of what committees SGA should focus on this semester. The committees SGA backs use funds from SGA to imp