The Clarion, Vol. 82, Issue #14 - Dec. 14, 2016 - Brevard College

Dec 14, 2016 - Volume 82, Issue 14 Web Edition .... pick for best film of 2016. Arts & Life. 2016 has been a hot mess of a .... that can host five different sports.”.
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Volume 82, Issue 14 Web Edition

This week: The Clarion Year in Review


December 14, 2016

Nottingham and the Tower of London. The Theatre class will be taking trips to see plays at the Globe Theatre, will have a private tour of Rose & Globe, and have professionals visit the classroom. All the offered classes have trips like these. Public Health, Photography and Graphic Design, Mass Communications and Global Education are just a few of the other classes available. Brevard College English professor Ken Chamlee will be teaching British literature with the program. In 2004 and 2007, Chamlee taught abroad through other programs. This is the third year that Midwestern State University and Brevard College have worked together in the consortium. In 2015, Smith taught the British Theatre class. It mainly focused on the impact that has been made on Western Theatre by the British. Smith first taught in London in 2011 as a teacher from Midwestern State University.

As a student, Smith participated in a study abroad program through the same consortium. “The experience opened my eyes to what method acting was capable of producing on stage, that styles other than realism and representationalism could be immediate and moving, and that I wanted to work in this field and learn the craft of acting,” said Smith. In 2015 the program had an average of 60 participants. The class sizes were small and averaged around 10 students per class. The classes run Monday through Thursday with different field trips taken in the evenings. The four-week class also offers a “mini-break” that allows the students to explore surrounding areas. Participants will need funds for food, personal travel money, and the tube (subway) pass. These are not included in the flat fee. They will also need a valid U.S. passport. Any questions can be directed to Chamlee or Curriculum Enrichment Coordinator Nacole Potts.

Deadline set for study abroad trip to London By Jeni Welch Staff writer

The deadline to enroll in the London Study Abroad course is March 1. The 2017 summer class with take place between July 6 and August 7. Brevard College Theatre professor Brandon Smith said, “I think it is one of the single most significant opportunities available to our students.” The entire program is $6,900, which includes roundtrip airfare from Charlotte to Heathrow, London, transportation from Heathrow to campus, six hours tuition and fees, a private dorm room, and the cost that is associated with each class. Some of the cost includes trips to Oxford, Wimbledon, Shepherd Neame and major business centers in London for the business class. The Criminal Justice class has trips to

President Joyce engages in festivities in annual ‘Joyce to the World’

Photos courtesy of Jordon Morgan

BC President David Joyce invited students as well as children of faculty and staff to his house on Saturday, Dec. 10, to help celebrate the annual “Joyce to the World,” where he read “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas,” and served up holiday treats.

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Voice of the Rivers 2017

Campus News Service dogs come to campus to relieve pre-exam stress The Clarion


December 14, 2016

By Florian Peyssonneaux

Staff Writer In May 2017, the experiential education trip Voice of the Rivers will bring its participants to discover the Savannah River. It is an opportunity for some Brevard College students to earn credits for a link class, while spending three weeks exploring one of the major rivers in the United States of America. “Voice of the Rivers is an interdisciplinary study of a river from its source to the sea. The VOR 2017 expedition will explore the Savannah River Watershed from its headwaters near Whitesides Mountain to its end at Tybee Island, GA,” said WLEE professor Robert Dye. The exp