The Clarion, Vol. 82, Issue #16 - Jan. 25, 2017 - Brevard College

Jan 25, 2017 - Lance Perl, Speaker of the Clubs. ..... a speed dating exercise but as the opposite sex. ... digit performance as he tallied 24 points and.
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Hypnotist Sailesh came to campus! Article on page 6.

President Joyce signs Civility Pledge

Volume 82, Issue 16 Web Edition

By Jeni Welch Staff writer

Last week, at the Martin Luther King Jr. speech, BC president David Joyce announced his signature on an open letter to the then President-elect, Donald Trump. The open letter says, “We urge you to condemn and work to prevent the harassment, hate and acts of violence that are being perpetrated across our nation….” Joyce opted to not publicize his signature back in November. Joyce said, “It wasn’t whether I agree or disagree with him. It was in my moral compass to sign it.” Joyce did speak with senior staff and the board chair prior to the signing. Joyce found the letter to be of importance. “It was empowering to sign and stand up for the protection of all the students,” said Joyce. “I would have signed the letter regardless of who won the presidency.” With the letter being open for signatures since November 2016, Joyce said, “I am only disappointed that more colleges didn’t sign it.” As of Monday, there were 199 signatures total from the colleges within the United States. Most of the signatures come from private institutions rather than public ones and liberal arts colleges make up the majority of the signers. In North Carolina alone there are 140 schools with less than 10 signed on. Brevard College, Davidson College and Guilford College are among the few listed within the state. President Mariko Silver of Bennington College assisted in organizing the letter. She did stress that it was not intended to organize presidents under a political view but under beliefs that the different colleges and universities were commonly concerned about. There have not been any reports at Brevard College that deal with hate towards a specific race or religion but some students that voted for


Trump have expressed concerns about not feeling comfortable revealing who they voted for. All the people on campus should be working together regardless of which way they voted. “We respect one another and we value how everyone feels,” said Joyce. At this time, Trump, has not responded to the open letter. 60 Minutes interviewed Trump shortly after his inauguration at the end of last

January 25, 2017

week and asked about the harassment incidents involving minorities. He responded by saying, “I am so saddened to hear that. And I say, ‘Stop it.’ If it – if it helps. I will say this, and I will say right to the cameras: ‘Stop it.’” The short three paragraph letter signed by President Joyce can be viewed online at https:// along with a link to a list of all current signers.

BC students and faculty join D.C. march

Photo courtesy of Hayleigh Mann

Protesters with a variety of signs representing a number of different causes were present at the march. See ‘Brevard goes to Womens March on Washington’ page 3

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Campus News

ENOpod hammock stands brought to BC By Shannon Summitt Contributor

The Student Government Association at Brevard College, made up of a variety of student leaders, recently took the opinions and desires of their peers to heart and led an effort to bring five ENOpod Hammock Stands to campus. If you’ve ever walked across Brevard College’s campus, chances are, you’ve seen ENO hammocks hanging between the trees by King’s Creek. At a school made up of many outdoor enthusiasts, hammocking is a common pastime. When the weather is nice, finding space on campus to hang out can be a challenge. The student leaders that make up SGA were aware of this challenge when they discussed ways to improve the campus. The association exists to serve as the middle ground between students and administration in both academic and campus affairs. If a club needs funding, they look to SGA to be their voice and supp