The Clarion, Vol. 82, Issue #26 - April 12, 2017 - Brevard College

Apr 12, 2017 - The Clarion is a student-run college newspaper produced by student journalists enrolled at Brevard College. .... in Mar-a-Lago, Florida defending his reasons for the airstrike. He told reporters, “It is in the vital national .... Senior Tyler Konzen (Orlando, Fla.) got the start on the mound for the Tornados before.
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‘Framework’ A Senior Art Exhibition

Volume 82, Issue 26 Web Edition

By Zach Dickerson Staff Writer

After many long days and sleepless nights filled with hard work and determination the artwork of many of the art majors for the Class of 2017 was finally unveiled on Friday, April 7 at the 2016-2017 Senior Art Exhibition titled “Framework.” The exhibition showcases the works of six seniors at the college. Each of their works of art spanning across all types of mediums with each of the artists drawing from a multitude of inspirations whether they be from life experiences or just who the artist is as a person. McKinley Davis, Graphic Design Concentration, revealed that her pieces go through the personal journey that she has gone through over the years. Maya Pardo, Graphic Design Concentration, spoke about how her inspiration came to her after the passing of her grandmother, the Japanese part of her culture as an influence,

Photo by Zach Dickerson

“Awoken” by McKinley Davis


April 12, 2017

and the representation of mental illnesses within her work. Shannon Swenton, Sculpture and Photography Concentration, said her work focuses on herself and her interests and that she used the old fence from the college in her sculptures. Shon Swett, Photography Concentration, told us that he wanted to focus on his hometown of Charleston, South Carolina and how he wanted to focus on and record his family’s involvement in the community. Megyn Terrell, Graphic Design Concentration, didn’t know what would drive her concepts at first, but as time went by she realized that interests matter and what she cares about is the

environment and how our actions will affect future generations. Heath Turner, Sculpture Concentration, has had a strong interest in hearts since his freshmen year. His cast iron hearts are metaphorical pieces so each of them have a deeper meaning to them. Many of the pieces in the exhibition are available for the public to purchase. If there is a piece that you are interested in and want to possibly purchase you can contact Diane Pomphrey, Art Department Office Manager. The exhibition is in the Sim’s Art Center’s Spiers Gallery which is open on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. and the show is free of charge and runs through Apr. 28.

Photo by Zach Dickerson

“Introducing The Carbon Child Gasmask Generation, Coming Soon, 2050” by Megyn Terrell

Campus News

Paint what you hear

Page 2

By Alexis Henley

Staff Writer Music can inspire people in many different ways. This is what the Fine Arts Club had in mind when they hosted the first annual “Paint What You Hear” event on Saturday, April 8 in Myers Dining Hall. Unfortunately, there was not a lot of people attending the event. Four people of the 11 who signed up attended and others were people who passed by and were entranced by the music. The attendance by no means detracted from the event it was a load of fun once the music started to play. At the beginning of the event Arianna Ruiz, the Fine Arts club president, said, “We will be playing 3 different types of music. The first is a classical piece, the second a jazz piece which was written by one of the members of the Fine Arts Club, and lastly a heavy metal kind of piece.” Each person was given paintbrushes, a canvas and lots of paint to work with. As soon as the musicians started to play everyone immediately began to paint. Unlike the other painting events that Brevard has had where an instructor shows students how to paint, this painting experience was completely unique to each and every student.

As I listened to the music I became inspired to paint a relationship between two individuals and how it blossomed into romance. Others like Dal Davis painted a storm