The Clarion, Vol. 82, Issue #4 - Sept. 21, 2016 - Brevard College

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BC holds official Activities Fair

Volume 82, Issue 4 Web Edition

By Brady Andrews Staff writer

Last Thursday, the official BC Activities Fair was held outside of Myer’s Dining Hall. Tables were gathered in the shade of the BC blue tent. Club leaders talked to interested students about their clubs and worked hard to persuade them to put their email on their sign up lists. Clubs are a low-risk, low-commitment way to get to experience, meet people, learn new things, and get more involved with the community. For many students, clubs are also a great way to fulfill volunteer hours for their Leadership Scholarship awards. Many different clubs were represented including Philosophy Club, BC Serves and various outdoor clubs. Community organizers were also in attendance promoting various ways to get involved in community activities beyond the college. Those interested in the outdoors have a few clubs from which to choose: the Brevard College Outing Club does a little bit of everything: rafting, caving, hiking, fly fishing, star gazing, skiing, climbing and hiking. No experience is needed to join and it’s a great way to try anything for the first time. There is also the Paddling Club, which takes students out kayaking, canoeing, rafting and stand up paddle boarding. The Climbing Club allows students to join a group that enjoys getting out in the gym or on the rocks to develop technique and strength. The Brevard Business Club is all about preparing students for the business world. It’s open to people of all studies. The club aims to help you grow in skills that are necessary for the world outside of college. Members work on developing resumes, online professional profiles and they


September 21, 2016

get a professional photo taken. The Philosophy Club might also peak the interest of those looking for more interesting thought and conversations. BC Serves is a club that offers students the opportunity to gain volunteer hours. It gives its members several opportunities to serve the community in various ways. Events include Mini Move-A-Mountain day, Hunger and Homelessness Awareness week, alternative spring and fall break trips, MLK Challenge, Love your Neighbor month and more. Campus Activities Board is also a great way to serve right on the college campus. CAB is responsible for putting on events around campus such as the bi-weekly Open Mic Nights and the upcoming Brevard’s Got Talent show. The Diversity Pride Club is also a great way to show support for the LGBT community and get involved in various events such as Asheville Pride. There’s a lot happening on and off campus. Find a BC club and contact Campus Life for more information if you want to sign up.

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Campus News

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September 21, 2016

Revised Insect Diversity with Bug Mansion Restoration rules for minors in dorms By Kayla Leed Copy Editor

By Brady Andrews Staff writer

Students at BC received an email Tues., Sept. 12, about some new revisions on the rules regarding minors staying in dorms. These revisions, implemented over Family Weekend, serve to keep everyone safe while on campus as well as to continue standard college practice for visitors in residence halls. As minors are still under parental dependence, they need parental consent to stay. Updated guidelines include a registration form for parent approval. Minors under sixteen may not stay without adult supervision at all times. Minors sixteen and seventeen years of age that