The Clarion, Vol. 83, Issue #10, Nov. 1, 2017 - Brevard College

Nov 1, 2017 - alarms going off in the residence halls due to ..... house. About 2 weeks living in that house something was very wrong and we all knew it. At about 10 pm, all the lights in the house was going on and off, I didn't know what to do so I ran .... land that houses part the current BC campus, as well as College Walk.
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Volume 83, Issue 10

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‘What Frightens You?’ responses on page 5


November 1, 2017

Daniel Ethridge playing piano, guest artist Daniel Keller on guitar, and Lily Bartleson and K’nique Eichelberger as guest vocalists. Chris Center and Mary Lewe were featured in Fischer’s “Pensativa,” Lily Bartleson took the stage with Jabara’s Last Dance, and K’nique Eichelberger guest sang on “I Like Your Style,” “So Wonderful,” “So Marvelous,” and “Soul with a Capital ‘S’.” The show promised to be outstanding and the performances delivered on that promise. The costumes, music, spirit, energy, passion and

excitement surged through the concert hall as the 13 performers rocked the audience into the night. Bringing the house down with “Soul with a capital ‘S’,” Eichelberger jazzed it up with some dancing and got the audience involved with some clapping. A number of the concert attendees said, “They killed that,” “That was amazing,” and that it was a“fantastic concert.” The night was definitely a success, entertaining the Brevard community with good music, fellowship and fun.

BC Halloween Jazz Concert By Carmen Boone

Staff Writer The Brevard College Jazz Ensemble gave a chillingly excellent performance at the jazz concert Monday night. The Scott Concert Hall was filled with students, adults, musicians, community members and plenty of students dressed for Halloween. On stage were some pretty interesting characters, including Darth Vader, a cat, a couple hippies, a smooth jazz performer (quite literally), a skeleton and several others. This team of characters, despite their differences in appearance, put on a fantastic show. Directed by Jamie C. Warren, 13 performers soulfully delivered ten pieces of music. These pieces were “Also Sprach Zarathustra” by Richard Strauss, “Serpentine Fire” by Maurice and Verdine White, “Children of Sanchez” by Chuck Mangione, Theme from “Starsky and Hutch” by Thomas W. Scott, “Pensativa” by Claire Fischer, “Another Star” by Stevie Wonder, “Last Dance” by Paul Jabara, “I Like Your Style” by Emilio Castilla and Stephen “Doc” Kupka, “So Wonderful, So Marvelous,” and “Soul with a capital ‘S.’” The performers were Chris Center on soprano sax, Arianna Ruiz playing the flute and alto sax, Chloe McGee on the baritone sax, Mary Lewe playing the tenor sax, Stephen Healy on the trombone, Ryan Burnette playing percussion, Jaylaan Prioleau and Raleigh Durham on drums, Gryphen Blackwell on bass guitar,

Photo by Carmen Boone

Spooky, classy and fun costumes terrified the stage at Monday night’s Halloween themed jazz concert.

BC Staff Halloween Costume Winners

Individual Winner: Department Winners: First Place

Nacole Potts

First Place : Admissions Second Place: Athletics Third Place: Finance Admissions office staff pose in their first-place prize-winning Halloween costumes.

Photo Courtesy of Debora L. D’Anna

Campus News

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The Scarion


November 1, 2017

Profile: Alessandra ‘Le’ Tavoloni By Florian Peyssonneaux Opinion Editor

Meet the new Brevard College member Alessandra Tavoloni “Le”. She is the new director of student service, student activities, and international advisor for the college and her functions will include the relations in between the college and the community, as well as campus life. Tavoloni first came to Brevard with the help of Debbie D’Anna who was Tavoloni’s faculty advisor when she was in college. “Just before I came to Brevard I was working with student activity for Union College where I graduated from,” said Tavoloni. “My freshman year, David Joyce was the president of Union College.” Then, when she graduated from Union Col-

Security Report

The most recent security reports for Brevard College have