The Clarion, Vol. 83, Issue #30, May 2, 2018 - Brevard College

May 2, 2018 - Maggie Weiss: Defensive Player of the Year. Hannah Elmore: MVP. Cross Country. Michael Terry: Most Improved. Michael Anton: Team Spirit.
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Volume 83, Issue 30

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Residence hall closing procedures

Graduating Seniors or students who have received permission from Campus Life must leave campus by 10 a.m on Sunday, May 6. All other residents must leave campus within 24 hours after your last exam, paper, presentation, project, or any other final academic commitments. Residents have two ways they are permitted to check-out: standard check-out and express check-out. Standard check-out requires the resident to meet with their RA to collect the student’s signed, completed closing checklists and building/room keys. In addition to completing the closing checklists, the residents must complete and sign the Condition Report (“RCR”) with the RA. Express check-out requires residents to complete and sign the closing checklist and return the sheet and key to the RA after finishing the requirements. The express process does not require an RA to be present; however, the student will be held responsible for any damages left to the room or common area. Residents are jointly responsible for any damaged common area floors, walls, and/or furniture. — Kelly Kearnan


Enjoy your summ er!

May 2, 2018

Brevard Meets Carnegie Hall By Carmen Boone

Staff Writer On Friday, April 20, the Brevard Chamber Singers among others got on a flight to New York for a performance at Carnegie Hall. The Chamber Singers, the Transylvania Choral Society, Dr. David and Dr. Kathryn Gresham, Dr. Vance Reese and David and Lynn Joyce all attended the trip. Dr. David Gresham was chosen to conduct at Carnegie Hall by a presenting organization. Other conductors that have given performances are asked to recommend a conductor they think deserves the experience. The conductor recommended is then notified and given the opportunity to bring a musical group and conduct at Carnegie Hall. The song Gresham chose to showcase was Faure’s “Requiem.” When asked to describe Carnegie Hall, Gresham described it as having a “warm sound, grand, historied,” and said, “It was surreal being in the same place as my musical idols had been.” He listed a few historic composers. The most exciting part of the trip for Gresham was conducting on stage. He felt the full impact of the experience during a particular part of “Requiem” when the choir was singing “Hosannas” and all of the brass instruments joined in. He said that it was pretty incredible. The group arrived in New York on Friday night and left on the following Tuesday. They spent those four days just experiencing New

York. Different people from the group went to see Broadway shows such as “Kinky Boots, Chicago, Book of Mormon and Producer.” They also went to Central Park and had some great food. They all agreed that the weather was a little chilly, but overall it was good due to the lack of rain. Performing at Carnegie Hall was an amazing opportunity for Brevard as a whole. The trip was enjoyable for all who attended and it had a big impact.

Above: Dr. David Gresham conducts on stage at Carnegie Hall. Below: The Brevard College Chamber Singers pose outside of Carnegie Hall where they have just performed. Photos courtesy of David and Kathryn Gresham.

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Campus News

International Picnic On Saturday, April 28, Brevard College International Club gathered for the last time of the semester next to the tennis courts for a picnic prepared by the Board of Visitors. International students, host parents and coaches were welcomed to take part of this event. This end of the semester lunch was the opportunity for Brevard College foreign students to spend some time together before final’s week and summer break.

Burgers and hot dogs were on the menu for this picnic, accompanied with salad and fruits. Once the lunch was over, the students stayed a few more hours to play corn hole, soccer and tennis. This event that was supposed to take place e