The Clarion, Vol. 83, Issue #4 - Sept. 13, 2017

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Hurricane Irma Makes U.S. landfall Sunday as category 4 storm Volume 83, Issue 4 Web Edition


September 13, 2017

before heading north into Georgia & Carolinas

“These hurricanes are breaking records in power, speed and resilience and it’s no coincidence this is happening.”

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September 13, 2017

BC Greens kicks off a new semester By Lauren Fowler Staff Writer

BC Greens Club is back this year with plans to continue the work and activism of previous years with a new president and several new goals such as recycling, composting, and the installation of bat boxes to improve the environmental sustainability and impact of Brevard College. BC Greens is the sustainability and environmental awareness group on campus. The group focuses on student-led projects and initiatives to improve the environmental impact and sustainability of Brevard College. The club’s first meeting of the semester was Thursday, Sept. 7 to discuss what the year would look like and what students wished to see happen on campus. Amidst support for the recycling program, students added that they wished to see the college step up the fight for sustainability as other colleges have. “The planet is dying, and we can make a difference!” one student said. The new president of the club, Mcdara Folan, is a senior WLEE major with skills and experience in leadership and operations along with a bright outlook for the future of the club. This year, Folan is focused on making changes to improve the sustainability of the Brevard College campus that will persevere long after the current student body is gone. “I’m excited to help students to use their

strengths to create projects and build awareness for a sustainable future at BC,” Folan said. “Next to all our trash cans around campus, we will have recycling bins.” Folan’s call for more recycling bins expands on last year’s recycling program led by Kate Brandhuber, then BC Greens president and now a BC graduate and staff adviser for the club, to make bins available on the rest of campus. Already this year, the club is looking to team up with the Student-Athlete Advisory Committees (SAAC) and their project to start a recycling program in the college’s gym and at athletic events. In previous years, BC Greens has been at the forefront of several major projects. One notable project, the Divestment in 2015, was an agreement signed by Brevard College stating that the campus would push to divest all resources from fossil fuels by the year 2018. The club collected signatures on a petition to present to the Board of Trustees and held a sit-in at the library to show their commitment to the cause. The movement was called by the Brevard College Investment Committee a “symbolic step to increase public awareness of climate change.” Further changes to address this commitment are still to be seen with very little time remaining for the campus to make the shift to 100% fossil fuel free. Another project and tradition developed by BC Greens includes the establishment of Earthfest, the Earth Day celebration held on campus

Dr. Mel Bringle’s hymns shared around the world

Brevard College’s own Dr. Mel Bringle will be sharing her created hymns with one of the biggest countries in the world, China, more specifically, a gentleman by the name of Yuhong Wu, a trained materials scientist. Bringle has been writing her own hymns for over 17 years, beginning her recreation in 2000 when a Brevard College graduate asked her to write them one for their wedding. She explained that writing and publishing hymns has been a highly enjoyed recreational hobby. Not only has she published some of her o