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how to navigate the basic ... it is to be on page 1 of a Google search. ... website on your profile and in your postings increasing the search engine optimization of.
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LinkedIn is changing the way business is being done… 21 Reasons Why YOU need LinkedIn 1. It is where your business can connect to the decision makers. 2. Over 65% of LinkedIn users own a business. 3. You can be found on LinkedIn through a search and it is currently easier to be at the top of that search list than it is to be on page 1 of a Google search. Placing your phone number at the top of your summary makes it easy for people who Google your name to call you from that search. 4. You can display everything good about yourself and your company and speak about your unique offering in a thorough way. 5. You can post your resume and increase your job possibilities. 6. You can link to your website on your profile and in your postings increasing the search engine optimization of your webpages. 7. You can connect to famous and influential people, especially if you watch who has been looking at your profile. 8. You can receive recommendations from clients and peers. 9. You can recommend others and gain relationship value with clients, co-workers, and staff as you do so. 10. You can participate in groups with others from your own industry and learn cutting edge tips for your success. 11. You can establish yourself as a thought leader by the things that you post in groups and by the content that you in articles. 12. You can join the groups of your ideal target market and learn more about what they really need and want from you simply by listening in on their discussions. 13. In your personal feed on your home page you can post marketing pieces, email content and information about your services that goes to your front line of connections and then is seen again by the second level and occasionally even by the third level of contacts, giving your material HUGE marketability online. 14. It takes 7 to 14 touches to get a sale. LinkedIn allows you to touch your potential client over and over through regular posts. 15. You can expand your territory through the locations of your connections. 16. You can target whole new territories where you want to expand. 17. You can gain credibility by being associated with others in your list of connections. 18. You can make appointments with connections who are local to you for a coffee and those who are not local can be met through Skype, or a webinar platform. 19. LinkedIn now offers Advertising giving your event more reach and offering the ability for immediate response from interested parties. 20. You can start a group of your own where you can be the main influence in the group. 21. You can identify, find and connect with people who are your most qualified leads. For free tips on the LinkedIn basics and general knowledge on networking in Calgary, go to or scan the QR Code to be taken there directly on your mobile device. Call the CIBN at 403-397-1909 to learn how being a member can help you grow your business today!


Networking for a Recession Proof Business Networking has never been more important than it is right now in the Calgary market. The economy is in a down-turn so growing our business relationships is a major priority no matter what our industry is. People do business with those whom they know, like and trust and there is nothing like getting together each week with the same group of people who also own businesses to share warm leads and referrals. Did you know that 80% of all businesses fail in the first 5 years? That is not just here. It is everywhere across North American and it is a longstanding statistic. Forbes magazine did a study where they surveyed 7000 businesses and they found that 80% of all businesses did not know about business networking. Do you think there may be a direct correlation between those numbers? At the CIBN we have another amazing statistic that you may want to know about. Right here, in this current

market, we have not had a single business owner who is a regular attender out of business in the last 4