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The search term 'mortgage calculator' was queried 74,000 times, accounting for 11% of all searches made for the sector. Queries for .... Android apps when it launched, app indexing expanded to include all ... Reduce cost-per-actions (CPAs).
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The greenlight sector

REPORT PRODUCT FOCUS Borrowing Savings & Investments Banking

An exclusive snapshot of the online Search landscape

MAR 2016


Hi Australia, Nice to meet you, we're Greenlight.

ABOUT US We heard that Australia needed an independent digital agency that was unwaveringly focused on driving digital growth and so here we are! We’re a data-driven bunch with over 15 years’ international experience. We use our expertise and pioneering proprietary software to create success and know that this kind of innovation fits right into the Australian marketplace. It’s our transparent reporting, world-leading abilities to achieve growth, and evidenced performance across the board that has led us to achieve our diamond tier Google rating. In a nutshell, we’re a flexible full-service agency that delivers results through SEO, SEM, display, social, eCommerce, design, development, mobile and more. Our arrival in Australia will see us bring a transparent

Australia will be the second marketplace that sees us

approach to our advanced Programmatic Display

roll out our proprietary Paid Search tool Greenlantern

offering. We know how big media agencies can

- a tool that provides over 30+ Adwords alerts direct

approach display, but at Greenlight we will give you

to your team or agency highlighting immediately

complete transparency to your planning, reporting

where your team needs to focus their efforts. A

and buying. No ifs, no buts, no hidden rates - just real

flexible and unique platform, Greenlantern can help

and honest data. All our strategies are bespoke and

you see your way to PPC success.

built around yours and your customers’ needs.

ABOUT US We have over 15 years’ experience working in SEO across every client type and vertical. During this time, we’ve tried many ways to critique, audit and test our clients’ websites to ensure those sites are as technically sound as they can be. Evolving this process has led us to our bespoke audit and recommendation process, TechJam; a proprietary method of analysing technical SEO issues and developing a rapid action plan to deal with any problems that our experienced team have found. This is just a taste of what we are bringing to Australia and we invite you to read on to see some of the successes we’ve already delivered for our existing clients in Australia, and some of our thought leadership pieces and sector reports specifically for the Australian marketplace.



to Sector Reports At Greenlight, we pride ourselves on being thought leaders within the Search industry. Utilising our unique data aggregation and visualisation platform, OneHydra, we are able to track, record and analyse consumer search behaviour in any given market vertical, which in turn leads to the creation of our industry renowned Sector Reports. Our reports have been providing brands with comprehensive insights into the Search industry for ten years now. Each report gives an indication of the size of the potential online audience based on a wide range of keywords and examines the most visible websites and advertisers based on their share of visibility in the Natural Search listings on Google Australia. We hope you enjoy reading this report and should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

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Report Overview Executive Summary This report profiles search behaviour for the online Retail Banking sector. It analyses which websites, advertisers and brands were most visible in the Google Australia Natural Search listings, when consumers