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Hindle (2006) in his research considered the job satisfaction and age as the most ... data processing and statistical analysis was performed using the software ...
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Agric. sci. dev., Vol(3), No (10), October, 2014. pp. 323-325

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The Influencing Factors on Entrepreneurship Development of Users in Greenhouse Town of Hashtgerd Farhad Lashgarara * Department of Agricultural Extension, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran

Sahar Aryana Department of Rural development, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran *Corresponding author: [email protected]



Entrepreneurship development Greenhouse town Users

Development of entrepreneurship activities in greenhouse units, require sufficient familiarity with influencing factors on entrepreneurship development of such units. The main aim of this research is to explore the influencing factors on entrepreneurship development of greenhouse town users of Hashtgerd. The main tool for data collection is questionnaire. The statistical population is 39 persons from Hashtgerd greenhouse town users. Dependent variable is the development of entrepreneurship for Hashtgerd greenhouse town users. Information from the questionnaire by SPSS was analyzed. The results from stepwise regression indicated that the economic factors with 41.3 percent have the most influencing role in entrepreneurship development of Hashtgerd greenhouse town users



The agriculture sector as the main source of income for the most countries of the world in economic activities is very important. The sector due to its high contribution in GNP and export incomes play the critical role in directing and positioning the economic development process especially in third world countries. The agriculture development cannot be fulfilled only by injection of capital and technology to agriculture sector but this is a multidimensional process that many factors intervene on it. The optimization and reinforcement of human resource in agriculture development is undeniable. A kind of investment that today is unavoidable for public and private sector from the expert point of views is to reinforce and develop the entrepreneurship in agriculture sector [6]. Nowadays the agriculture is considered as a sector for complementing the economy and entrepreneurship activities as response to recession and problems in agriculture sector and survival strategy for rural family. One of the suitable options toward competition and commercializing the agriculture sector and active involvement in global markets is to develop the trade units for greenhouse usage [3]. The greenhouse town is a set of greenhouses that is focused in a common space, this is an incorporated and coordinated cultivation and for avoidance from breaking apart the lands and lead to reduction of production costs, enhancement of production productivity, and as a result increasing the farmers income. The greenhouse town of Hashtgerd is the first and biggest hydroponic greenhouse town of Iran by an area amounted 170 hectares that after completing, 1300 skilled and non-skilled person will be employed there. Raman et al. (2008) in a researched titled motivational factors influencing on entrepreneurship decision making believes that the motivation and environmental conditions play the important role in entrepreneurship [8]. Hindle (2006) in his research considered the job satisfaction and age as the most important variables influencing on entrepreneurship [4]. Royer (2003) considered the job satisfaction and age as the most important variable influencing on entrepreneurship too [9]. Lashgarara et al. (2011) concluded that there is a positive relationship between education in high levels and entrepreneurship activities development [5]. Farajolah Hosseini and Mcelwee (2011) in their research found that 67 percent of variance of rural women about the influencing factors on entrepreneurship