The Many Criminal Heads of the Golden Hydra - Counter Extremism ...

Apr 29, 2018 - Department, and the US Defense Department. Notably, Dr. Neumann edited and reviewed the teaching and reference text for the US Special ...Missing:
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The many criminal heads of the Golden Hydra


Index  Index

About the Authors ​Dr. Vanessa Neumann ​Mr. Stuart Page

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Executive Summary


Introduction ​The New Routes: “The new silk roads of LatAm crime”

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Regional CTF Analysis 15  ITTP in the TBA: A Criminal Entry Point 15  Magnitude 16  Impact 17  Causes 18  Argentina 18  Cross-Border Smuggling Routes and Modalities 18  Lebanese, Hezbollah or Otherwise 20  The Politics of Border Security 21  Emergent Trends in Public Security and Smuggling 22  ITTP in Argentina 25  ​Recent ITTP Operations and Intercepts in Argentina 26  27 March 2018, on a highway to Buenos Aires 26  Photos of Contraband Seized in 27 March Operation 26  28 March 2018, near Misiones, Argentina 26  Photos of Contraband Seized on 28 March 2018 27  Money Laundering through Agriculture 28  Base crime: corruption 29  Actors 29  ​Money laundering mechanism 29  The Trade in Stolen Cars 31  Transnational Criminal Activity Through Foreign Embassies 31  Brazil 32  Security Priorities 32  The  main  export  points  for  illicit  Goods  into  Brazil,  as identified by senior officers in  Brazil’s National Police, are as follows: 34  Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products (ITTP) in Brazil 34  2 




The many criminal heads of the Golden Hydra

Photos of Illicit Cigarettes by the Observation Team in Foz do Iguaçu Smuggling in Brazil’s Border States Lebanese in Brazil Other TCOs in Brazil Enforcement Capability Gaps Photos of Connectivity between Foz do Iguaçu and Ciudad del Este How TBA Illicit Trade via Brazil Transits to the World Paraguay Asunción Ciudad del Este Photos of Illicit Trade in Ciudad del Este Ciudad del Este Guaraní International Airport Law Enforcement Landscape The EPP Insurgency and Colonomenonitas Organized Crime and Smuggling Trends Paraguay’s Current Political and Economic Landscape Generally Political Landscape and Its Impact on ITTP and Other Illicit Trade Cartés and Tabacalera del Este

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Assessing the TBA’s Ties to Lebanese Hezbollah Overview Relevant Nexa Assad Ahmad Mohamad Barakat & the Barakat Network Sobhi Mahmoud Fayad Ali Khalil Mehri Threat Finance Modalities Islamic Community Remittances Money Laundering Drug Trafficking ​Ayman Joumaa ​Tareck el-Aissami Cigarette Trafficking Country Experiences with Hezbollah Argentina Brazil Paraguay

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Key Findings


Resulting Theory of Change

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The many criminal heads of the Golden Hydra




Appendix A: Overview of Paraguayan and TBA Customs Capacity Routes by air, road and water (Paraná River & sea ports) By Air  By Road   By River / Ship Rivers ​The Friendship Bridge on the Triple Frontier Customs Checkpoints Observation

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Appendix B: Key Persons and Places in TBA Illicit Trade Pedro Juan Caballero Fadh Jamil Georges Gandi Jamil Georges Jorge Rafaat Toumani Horacio Cartés The PCC: Primeiro Comando Capital Marcos Willians Harba Camacho Luís Carlos da Rocha (‘Cabeça Branca’) Carlos Rubén Sanchez (‘Chicharõ’) Carlos Godoy Ejército del Pueblo Paraguayo and its partner TCOs

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Appendix C: Relevant Legislative Framework Key International Observer Organisations: UNODC United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) Financial Action Task Force of Latin America (GAFILAT) GAFILAT Members Observer Jurisdictions IMF and the Fight Against Money Laundering and the