The Most Important Gift You Can Give This Holiday Season? The Gift ...

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Hunger Beat Winter 2013-14


News from the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina

The Most Important Gift You Can Give This Holiday Season? The Gift of a Meal.

“I’m just hoping to get help with some groceries,” Ken (pictured left) told Food Bank staff. Read more about Ken below.


his is the sad reality facing more than 560,000 people living at or below the poverty level in our 34-county service area: Things are not getting better. The need for emergency food assistance is still at an all-time high in the communities served by the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina. There are an additional 500,000 people hovering just above the poverty level who are one event away from needing our help. While there is a need for food throughout the year, going without during the holiday season means added stress for struggling people at a time of year that should be filled with joy—not anxiety. These individuals and families are our neighbors, friends, and coworkers. They are the classmates of our children. In many cases, they are people who have jobs but still cannot stretch paychecks to the end of the month. They must sacrifice something. Frequently they must make choices between food and utility bills or food and medical care.

Recently Ken visited a Food Bank partner agency for emergency food assistance. His wife had been diagnosed with terminal cancer, and Ken had to turn her care over to a nursing home. The heartache Ken was feeling over the probable loss of his wife was palpable. And with the added medical bills, he was also having a hard time finding money for food. Then the starter on his vehicle went, and fixing it took additional money from his already strained budget. “It was $79 from my grocery money to fix it, but well, that’s the way it is,” Ken told our staff. “I’m just hoping to get help with some groceries.”

Your support is the best gift that these individuals can receive this holiday season. The gift of a meal means one less worry during stressful times.

Your truly valuable gifts mean Ken has one less worry on his significantly full plate. For every $1 donated this holiday season, the Food Bank can provide five meals or $10 worth of food.

Do you know how far your donation goes at the Food Bank?

$1 = Five meals = $10 worth of food



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From the Desk of the President & CEO

Peter Werbicki

During this season of giving, I am reminded of the joy and excitement of celebrations and laughter filled family gatherings, often around a hearty meal. This is the season many of us know. But for countless others, it’s another day of uncertainty, a time of added pressure for the parent struggling to make ends meet. It’s a sad time for our senior citizens surviving on a limited income. Together, with your support, the Food Bank is committed to being there for these individuals, families, and children who need our help to overcome hunger. The holiday season is also a time when I celebrate each of you for your dedication to others. You create a season of giving all year, by helping us meet a need that is not seasonal but is instead a daily ordeal for 560,000 neighbors in central and eastern North Carolina. My sincere appreciation and best wishes for a glorious holiday.

Opportunities To Help During This Season Of Giving Help raise 6 million pounds during the Heart of Carolina Food Drive! The goal for the 27th annual ABC11 Heart of Carolina Food Drive is to raise