The New Teachers Program

Teachers leave with new ideas about best practices for student engagement ... Our team also ground this experience with post-graduate degrees from some.
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The New Teachers Program - Empowering and supporting early career educators in SA -


From the CEO As a former school principal and regional director, one of my greatest challenges was to recruit and keep new teachers. I saw first-hand the difficulties that new teachers faced when they left university education and were then overwhelmed in their first years of teaching. Research suggests that this is

an experience shared by new teachers across Australia. Currently, 1 in 2 teachers leave in their first five years of the profession. In addition to the economic implications of this brain-drain, high teacher attrition rates harm student achievement and damage the intellectual capital of our profession.

New teachers choosing to leave the classroom for career options outside the education system

cite time pressure, the increasing casualisation of the workforce and a lack of support as reasons for exiting stage left. In response to these challenges and after working with new teachers in a

bespoke program in 2016, the Early Career Capacity Building program, Education Changemakers has designed a program for new teachers. There is no doubt that Australian school leadership teams

are working incredibly hard to support their new teachers, and we are eager to continue supporting them.

At Education Changemakers, the four things that we believe will keep new teachers inspired and in

the classroom are AUTONOMY (the feeling that they can lead change for their students), MASTERY (the feeling that they are becoming more effective teachers), PURPOSE (the feeling that they are

making a difference in the world by being a teacher) and SUPPORT (the feeling that there is a network of advisers, mentors and friends that they can turn to).

We know that in SA we class ‘early career teachers’ as being in their first three years of teaching, however this program has been of benefit to teachers with at least five years experience. It is therefore open to teachers in their first five years of teaching. The New Teachers program exists to provide

answers to all of these points with ongoing training, inspiration, connection and support for new teachers in their years in the profession. We are thrilled to be offering the year-long New Teachers program both across Australia and internationally. Together, for a better education for all of our kids.

Dave Faulkner

Chief Executive Officer


Our Clients and Partners

Course Overview Modelled on the most impactful elements of the Early Career Capacity Building program which was evaluated by Social Ventures Australia in 2016, the New Teachers program is designed specifically for teachers in their first 5 years in the profession. With a strong sense of action-bias, Education Changemakers works to significantly increase the retention of new teachers and to help them not only survive but to thrive. The year long New Teachers program is made up of the following components: SELECTION AND PROGRAM PREPARATION: We provide assistance with the marketing of this opportunity, and the selection of participants for the program, including liaison with school principals and regional leaders and ongoing communication regarding logistics and scheduling. WORKSHOP ONE: Workshop One is a two day learning experience that focusses on connecting or reconnecting the early career teachers with their sense of purpose in the profession, promoting longevity and drive. New teachers need to deeply understand their purpose in education so that they can weather the challenges they face. The new teachers are provided with the tools they need to identify problems and missed opportunities with regards to delivering effective feedback. They come up with a multitude of solutions and leave equipped with the confidence to test ideas in their classrooms. “I am looking forward to