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small company, we just can't make it through the process to obtain the necessary visas, .... OSR CUSTOM SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT. I Dunno...These Other ...
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“I was initially not very keen to attend but one of my

Consulting Partners W. Anthony Mason Peter G. Viscarola

manager's had taken the class and thought it was great so he wanted me and a colleague to take it. I

Executive Editor Daniel D. Root

found it much more interesting than I expected and

feel like I learned a lot. Immediately after returning

Contributing Editors Scott J. Noone OSR Associate Staff

home I wrote a Windows driver for our current project.

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- attendee of OSR’s WDF Driver

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seminar (April 2014).

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Scott was simply awesome. He did a very good job of making the class room training interesting and interactive. - attendee of OSR’s WDF Driver

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