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Win 10 brings mobile, IoT, and desktop/server development together ... driver developers who work on a wide array of devices since the Driver and Kernel ...
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What’s New For Driver Developers From WinHEC Shenzhen 2015        

Some Progress, Some Change… Return of the MVP Program WDF Source Code: Now Available on GitHub Universal Drivers Updates to Driver Testing - Not Just for Certification DragonBoard 410C? Yup, Windows Runs on That New Tools for Driver Devs MSFT Signature Required for All Win10 KM Drivers


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Included in this Extra Edition of The NT Insider® are updated versions of our blog posts describing some of the new features announced at WinHEC Shenzhen 2015. If you read the blog posts as they were written, this is a chance to skim for updates to the original content. If you didn’t get a chance to read those blog posts, now’s your opportunity to catch-up on all the WinHEC news. You can stay up to date by following us on Twitter (@OSRDRIVERS) or by joining the OSRHints mailing list (just send a blank email to [email protected]). You might think that because Windows has been around for a while, when a new version of Windows is released there wouldn’t be much new in the world of driver development. For the last several years, nothing has been further from the truth. Just THINK about the changes that we’ve seen over just the past few Windows releases:  Integration of the WDK with Visual Studio  New sets of driver sam