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Published by OSR Open Systems Resources, Inc. 105 Route 101A, Suite 19 Amherst, New Hampshire USA 03031 (v) +1.603.595.6500 (f) +1.603.595.6503


SR is pleased to announce the success of the inaugural use of the OSR Training facility, co-located with OSR’s New Hampshire headquarters. Consulting Partners W. Anthony Mason Peter G. Viscarola

In September, after months of preparation, OSR was finally able to open its doors and host a presentation—in this case, of its popular seminar: Windows Internals & Software Drivers.

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OSR’s Dedicated Training Facility

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“The beauty of this space is that it gives us the flexibility to control all aspects of the training venue”, says OSR consulting partner and lead instructor, Peter Viscarola. “We know we can deliver definitive technical value in our seminars, but that’s really only half the battle when it comes to providing a positive seminar experience for our customers.”

A Comfortable & Professional Environment With comfortable seating for up to 12 students at individual workstations, and a separate café/kitchen area, the OSR staff is pleased with the response from the inaugural group of attendees. “Naturally, we were anxious to hear feedback—that’s typically my job post-seminar, but our instructors couldn’t help themselves from polling students all week, with all positive results”, says OSR’s Debra Stitt, who manages OSR’s seminar business.

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