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KEVIN BOROUMAND | WWW.BEATMULTIPLEOFFERS.COM. 1. The Official Guide. Stop losing your dream home to other buyers in the Seattle and Eastside Real Estate market. It's time to win.
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The Official Guide Stop losing your dream home to other buyers in the Seattle and Eastside Real Estate market. It’s time to win.



You are probably reading this because you have been searching for the perfect house to call home. You may just be entering the market and doing some research. Here is what usually happens to the drained buyers reading this: You find a house with your Realtor, make an offer, and boom – another buyer somehow beats your offer. Rinse. Repeat. It’s agonizing. I feel the pain you are going through. I still go through it sometimes as well with my own clients. I used to always lose in multiple offer situations. Other buyers outbid us, had better financing than we did – I mean, that’s what we heard at least. As a buyer you will never really know 100% how you lost to a competing offer. Usually the selling side is just trying to let you down easy with some kind of an excuse. It’s like a bad breakup, but instead they say “It’s not you, it’s someone else, and I can’t tell you who they are or what they did.” How horrible is that? It is so hard to get emotionally attached to a home, envision where your new furniture will go, and start brainstorming how a new accent wall would look – just to have your heart shattered with news that you didn’t get the house. I want you to know that there is a 100% proven way to compete. There is a sure fire way to eventually win, sooner than you think too. It will take some will power, some tough choices you will need to make, and a little faith. I know this whole thing seems frustrating. If you have been searching for a bit, you might even feel like giving up. If you have the money to buy a home, try to avoid renting. Your payments will be similar, but with a home you have equity that will make you money – imagine all these homeowners out there today selling their home in our market today. They are cashing in. Unless you are buying a tear down home to remodel and flip for some quick cash – remember that real estate is nearly always a long term investment, a very good one. Keep up the good fight, it will be worth it in the end  Feel free to reach out to me below if you have any questions or want help winning in our competitive market! I wrote this guide as directly as I possibly could, sparing no details. I hope you find this guide useful! ~ Kevin

Kevin Boroumand Realtor / Real Estate Broker Realty ONE Group Eastside (206) 734-1053 [email protected]



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Why is The Market So Competitive? Getting All of Your Ducks in a Row Preparing to Compete With Very Motivated Buyers Pre-Qualified Vs. Pre-approved vs. Pre-underwritten Research and Building Rapport Determining Offer Price + Escalation Clauses (How Much are You Willing to Pay?) Waiving the Inspection Contingency Waiving the Financing Contingency Closing Date and Flexibility Earnest Money and Waiving the Ability to Get it Back Earnest Money and Down Payment Amount Offer Protection Certificate Creating a Winning Offer Letter Offer Delivery Strategy The Waiting Game Closing Statement + The Golden Rule Schedule a Consultation + Free Home Buyer Tools



Let’s talk about the market a little bit – you may have heard this stuff before, but it’s good for the context of this e-book. The general Seattle area has been going through a big shift the last couple years. More and more companies such as Facebook, Alibaba, and Amazon have been creating an insane amount of jobs here. People from different states have a lot of these jobs that force them to move here. Since they have no option but to move here, they most likely need a place more than you do. This is one of biggest reasons why home prices have gone up in our area. The inventory of homes in the area is at a record-shattering low, mainly because the people that have lived