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Jul 15, 2015 - 42 PFM July 2015. So what makes a business's website effective? ... says, “You can say anything positive about your company on the website ...
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The Online Advantage By Alexis Orlacchio

From websites to a social media presence, framers are discovering the many marketing opportunities the Internet has to offer re you looking for marketing strategies that you So what makes a business’s website effective? Todd can use to entice new customers and keep old Dow, marketing manager at High Desert Frameworks in ones coming back? Technology is changing the Bend, OR, says that an attention-grabbing website with way framing retailers market their businesses to both easy navigation and informative content can connect a new and existing customers. From re-designing websites company with prospects and clients, ultimately leading to creating a stronger social media presence, custo more busitom framing retailers are taking advantage of the ness. He says, many marketing opportunities the Internet has “For the true to offer custom framTake Cliff Wilson, owner of Framed in Tating shop, it is nuck in Worcester, MA. Whenever he meets new very important customers, he always asks how to portray a they found out about his high level of shop. Aside from his company expertise, show sign, he says, “They always finished prodmention that they found us in ucts, provide a Google search. They come customer testiin because the reviews on our monials, and shop are positive.” highlight your design services Today, many potential and preservation skills.” Dow customers form their first adds that the purpose of the impressions of a business company website is to build before they even step in the trust with your target audidoor. “Customers go to a webence, “it showcases your servCherry Creek Custom Framing manager Aaron Casey uses an site as the first ‘default’ to ices and that you preform iPad to scroll through examples of finished projects on their blog, check out businesses. They which showcases their designers’ talents and is used to show cus- them well.” tomers new framing ideas. The iPad sits on a display for cusdevelop a strong impression Like High Desert Frametomers to browse examples at their leisure. about the company, which will works, the Framed in Tatnuck likely dictate further action or not,” says Kent Unterwebsite also features customer testimonials, which Wilmann, founder and owner of seven Pictures Plus stores son believes are crucial to bringing in new clients. He in Hawaii. He believes frame shop owners run a risk of says, “You can say anything positive about your company losing prospective clients if their company websites do on the website, but you also need to have customers talknot match the level of their brick and mortar stores. ing about you and supporting those claims or else you “The longer a business does not have an effective webwon’t have credibility.” In addition to the testimonials site, the more likely it is that they are not growing their section of his website, there is also a link to Yelp! reviews. customer base,” he says, adding that even his older cusPew Internet 2013 research statistics show that more tomers are looking at things online. than half of Smartphone users shop and make purchases


42 PFM July 2015

benefit to using WordPress is using their cellphones. Compathat it is automatically mobilenies are increasingly using more friendly. It’s also easy to post and mobile-friendly forms of their edit yourself, so you don’t have business websites. Wilson says, to have an outside IT person.” “‘Responsive’ is the term used in O’Neill’s website connects to web development that means the their Facebook, Twitter, and Pinwebsite will show up correctly terest pages as well as Yelp! on whatever device it is on, reviews. O’Neill mentioned that whether on a smartphone, iPad, one customer originally parked etc.” When non-mobile-friendly his car to get a haircut, saw her websites are opened on tablets or company sign, and did an Intersmartphones, they can appear “Social media has absolutely helped bring in more cusnet search of the shop on his distorted with text and links that tomers,” says Todd Dow, marketing manager at