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Apr 8, 2010 - which featured the Haywood Scottish Dancers. Knowing we were coming, they had asked us along with Brian and. Barbara Youngman and ...
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The Petronella Paper March-April 2010 Newsletter of The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society - Atlanta Branch, Inc. h

Bob and Dawn Receive Branch Awards! As we took our partners for the pre-intermission dance at the Unicoi Ball on March 13th, Susan Tumlin stepped to the podium: “Fred and Ginger, Batman and Robin, Anthony and Cleopatra, Posh and Becks, Chip and Dale, Smith and Wesson; we all know these famous pairs. Individuals who stand out alone, but paired together really shine. “Bob and Dawn - the Atlanta Branch of RSCDS is most fortunate to have our own stellar pair, Bob Messner and Dawn Dorsey. Individually Bob and Dawn are wonderful assets for our branch, but team them up and they soar to new heights as resources that extend far beyond the Atlanta area into the entire southeastern United States. “Working as a team, Bob and Dawn have been facilitating and promoting Scottish Country Dancing for many years. They coordinate many of the demos the branch participates in as well as teaching on the platform at the Stone Mountain Highland Games, the Blairsville Highland Games, and other festivals. They have been responsible for many workshops including this weekend’s Spring Workshop here at Unicoi. Currently serving her second term as the Chair of the Branch, Dawn is especially gifted in working both with children and adults and encouraging lots of audience participation. Bob, “the sound man,” has a first class portable sound system, which he is constantly trying to improve, that many of our groups have grown to rely upon. He has an extensive music library and is very proficient at putting together music CDs for our monthly socials, out-of-town dances, and demos. He delights in finding new dances from other areas to bring into our locale. After listening to some great recordings and wondering what dances accompanied them, Bob introduced us to some of our newest favorite dances including Montreal Rendezvou s, The Magic of Merrill, and The Architect . “Through the years Bob and Dawn have taught various classes in the Atlanta area. At present they are teaching the newest Atlanta Branch beginner class in Cartersville, Georgia. Dawn puts together the lesson plans covering

all the basics and with Bob presents them in an easy to follow manner. They are both patient and encouraging of new dancers and try to make the learning process fun and not too daunting. On top of that, they brave the Friday afternoo n Atlanta traffic for the 40+ mile trip to reach the class. “Bob and Dawn - quite a pair! The Atlanta Branch would like to honor both Bob and Dawn for all of their hard work and dedication in enhancing the enjoyment of Scottish C o u n t r y D a n c i n g f o r a l l w ho participate. And Headquarters agrees. Tonight it is my honor to present the Branch Award of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society to Robert W. “Bob” Messner and Dawn W. Dorsey. Congratulations! ” (Susan’s presentation speech incorporates parts of the award citations prepared on behalf of the Branch by Sylvia Priest and Rhonda Raye.)

Dawn Dorsey and Bob Messner with their framed Branch Award certificates. Photo courtesy of Pat Pennington.

News of Members

LaGrange Class’ Farewell to Cathy Schane Sylvia Priest

Our thoughts and prayers are with Pat Rubey whose th mother passed away on February 9 at the age of 102.5 in Pennsylvania. Please remember Maggie Mathewes whose father, Buford Woodward, passed away on February 16. Also, please keep Steve and Cheryl Bindl in your thoughts and prayers. Steve’s mother, Betty, passed away on March 18. Many of you will remember that Betty and her family attended the Stone Mountain dances last October and really enjoyed the music and watching the dancing. On a more cheerful note, Kaileen Anich (Colleen’s daughter) has been accepted at Colorado State University and plans to major in Wildlife Biology. She hopes to dance with the Fort Collins SCD group.

Group photo courtesy of Lou Harvath

The whole class