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The President’s Message Well-Deserved Recognition for 2014/2015 Exceptional Manufacturers


Brad Pierce President Restaurant Equipment World [email protected]

n 2014, FEDA Past President Brad Wasserstrom spearheaded the initiative to recognize manufacturers that best support dealer-based distribution by honoring them in the March/ April issue of News & Views. Named to our Exceptional Manufacturers and Honorable Mention List, this group of distinguished supplier partners best exemplifies predetermined criteria established in 2013 to spell out what makes for an exceptional manufacturer. We will continue the good work that Brad started and plan to announce an updated list in the March issue of News & Views in 2016, and will review selections every other year. We hope many manufacturers were either encouraged by this recognition or motivated to make the list in 2016. For your review, the criteria used is below, along with details about the review process.To recap, dealer scoring was based on five important criteria: FEDA Support: Does the manufacturer contribute to FEDA’s overall goals?

See Page 14 for the 2015 list of “Exceptional Manufacturers”

Brand Attributes: Does the manufacturer offer quality products at competitive prices that give dealers profit potential? Sales Support: Is the manufacturer engaged with the dealers’ sales teams? Do they provide timely product information and on-going training? Are their sales representatives (whether direct or independent) professional and welltrained? Manufacturer Trustworthiness: The manufacturer must never undermine the dealer with the end user and handle dealer information (including pricing) with confidentiality. Does the manufacturer consistently work to improve their relationship with dealers?

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Relationship Attributes: How well does the manufacturer communicate with the dealer? Is there two-way dialogue amongst senior management and is there an understanding of the dealer’s business needs? It is important to note that while creating this list, we had no specific number in mind in regards to the companies that would get the top ranking or make the Honorable Mention list. We simply took the average scores for each manufacturer, and those that scored above X are being recognized as exceptional. Those that scored between X and Y are being recognized on the Honorable Mention list. Both cutoffs became a natural break point with separation from the group directly underneath. With the way we did this, it was not impossible (although highly unlikely) for every company considered to be designated as exceptional. The manufacturers that are rated as “exceptional” help to make each of us more profitable as dealers. They have well trained staffs that also help to train our teams to sell their product. These manufacturers have high-quality items that don’t cause dealers to spend excessive time or money on sales support after the sale. These manufacturers communicate and plan with dealers and allow dealers to make good margins that are also protected from “inquisitive and demanding” end users. I would hypothesize that the manufacturers rated as the best on this survey are also some of the most profitable in the industry. continued on page 14

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It’s also important to note that everyone’s perceptions are guided by their own experiences. We’ve all had great experiences and relationships with many companies left off each list and we’ve had difficult issues with companies that made the lists. The point isn’t whether everyone is going to agree with every name. Instead, our hope is that the focus will rest on its intent: to recognize those manufacturers who tend to do the best job with dealers and encourage discussion. For example, what can those who are not recognized do better to align themselves with dealer-based distribution? And if they did, wouldn’t business be easier for both the dealer and manufacturer? Could you possibl