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THEMATCHING RIGHT ROOM FOR YOU HOTELS TO YOUR UNIQUE NEEDS MATCHING HOTELS TO YOUR UNIQUE NEEDS Every trip is a little different, and every traveler has different needs. Here’s how we can help you get a good night’s rest during the most common types of business trips.

Egencia® Hotel Options Your Egencia search results use color-coded map pins to show our four hotel types. Click any pin for more info and sorting options.



Your company has negotiated these rates directly with the properties.

These exclusive rates are for Egencia business travelers only. They allow for hotel loyalty points, offer great perks like free Wi-Fi and breakfast, and have more flexible cancellation policies.

Avoid red-flagged locations. They are not approved by your employer.

EXPEDIA® SPECIAL RATE Negotiated by Expedia for vacation travelers, our special rates also offer business travelers last-minute availability and great deals. Cancellation policies and early checkout fees apply, so choose these rates when plans are firm.

PUBLISHED RATE These are the standard hotel rates available to all hotel guests.

PICKING THE RIGHT HOTEL FOR YOUR TRAVEL NEEDS LAST-MINUTE BOOKING If you have to rush away at a moment’s notice, you can still stick with the plan. ■

Egencia Preferred Rate hotels typically charge lower cancellation fees.

90% of Egencia Preferred Rate hotels let you cancel up to one hour before check-in!

If you need to book a room for tonight without any notice, your best bet is an Expedia Special Rate hotel.

Check out the Egencia app for last-second hotel deals, only available on mobile.

Find the most flexible cancellation policies with Egencia, Company, and Published Rate hotels.

TRAVEL ON A BUDGET Maximize loyalty points with Egencia, Company, and Published Rate hotels.

If you want to keep your travel budget intact, it’s not so hard. ■

Search by price to save the most on hotel rates.

Search by airport to cut down on rental car miles.

Look for included perks that you’d be charged for elsewhere.

SPECIFIC NEEDS It’s easy to find the features you need. ■

Click “Filter by amenities” and check your preferences, like free parking, fitness center access, and more. Get negotiated amenities at Egencia Preferred Rate hotels, like a wine and cheese reception, free breakfast, and free Wi-Fi.

Receipts are easy to find! For Egencia and Expedia Rate rooms, they’ll be emailed and available on the Egencia site. Otherwise, the hotel will give you your receipt at checkout.

MIXED BUSINESS AND PLEASURE Check out fast with prepaid rooms. Both Egencia and Expedia Rate hotels charge the morning of check-in.

You know what they say about all work and no play. ■

Choose “Search by address” to find a hotel that’s closest to your favorite spots.

Use the Egencia mobile app to find nearby hotels with rooms available.

Sort by traveler reviews or get even more info from TripAdvisor®.

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