The Role of Social Tutor - Loughborough University

Apr 26, 2015 - helpdesk and an emergency out of hours point of contact for students. • To assist with early and ... exemplary level of customer service. All to be.
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MARCH 2015

Job Title:

Student Support Assistant

Job Grade:

Administrative Services, Grade 3

Job purpose:

To provide effective delivery of the Social Programme for the duration of the presessional courses.

Background The Student Support Centre is based in the Bridgeman Building and is part of the Department of Student Services which also includes the Careers and Employability Centre, the Counselling and Disability Service and the Hall Wardens. The presessional courses are for international students who are hoping to study at Loughborough University. The longer courses (ten and five week courses) are for students whose English language has not reached the level required for entry to the University or who feel they need some practice in using their English before the start of their main course. Reporting to Events and Projects Coordinator, Student Support Centre Key Relationships • • • • • • • •

International Students Senior Student Support Assistants and other Student Support Assistants Support Systems Manager, Student Support Centre Team Leader, English Language Support Service, Student Support Centre ELSS Teaching Team, Student Support Centre Administrative Team, Student Support Centre Campus Living employees University Health Centre

March 2015, SSA Feb 2015


Job objectives • • • • • • • •

To communicate effectively with key parties in order to deliver and ensure the smooth running of the Social Programme. To contribute fully as an effective member of the Student Support team. To adopt a proactive approach to student integration and welfare, delivering the cultural and social support programme and signposting to support services as appropriate. To promote balance between the academic and social aspects of the presessional programme. To encourage the use of English outside the classroom, while adhering to Student Support Centre guidelines and procedures. To provide practical, hands-on assistance with the delivery of all aspects of the pre-sessional course. To understand and adhere to University policies relating to areas such as Health & Safety and Data Protection. To comply with the Student Support Centre policies and procedures including the Code of Conduct, Confidentiality and Cash Handling.

Main Duties & Responsibilities • • • • • • • • • •

• •

To deliver a programme of social activities and trips. Close liaison with Student Support Centre, Campus Living staff and other relevant parties. Participating in a work rota which includes actitivies, welcome events, helpdesk and an emergency out of hours point of contact for students. To assist with early and late arrivals in accordance with Student Support Centre procedures. To ensure that information and resources are distributed to students in a timely way. To proactively engage with students to monitor their welfare and to raise any concerns which may arise with appropriate members of staff. To follow up requests from Student Support Centre staff to check on the welfare of individual students. Coordinate groups of students moving between a variety of locations in an effective and timely manner. Attending regular meetings including all training and induction sessions. To communicate any issues arising within the Student Support team or any issues affecting Pre-sessional students to Senior Student Support Assistants in a timely manner. Helping the SSC with a range of practical and administrative duties as required. To ensure that all pre-sessional students receive a warm welcome to the university and the UK and to provide practical and pastoral support as required throughout the course.

March 2015, SSA Feb 2015


• • •

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