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Transparency Reports by U.S. Internet & Telecom Companies. 6 ...... Verizon's definitions are less detailed, but they are well-integrated into the design.
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THE TRANSPARENCY REPORTING TOOLKIT Survey & Best Practice Memos for Reporting on U.S. Government Requests for User Information

MARCH 2016

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AUTHORS Kevin Bankston, Director, Open Technology Institute, [email protected] Ryan Budish, Senior Researcher, Berkman Center for Internet & Society, [email protected] Liz Woolery, Policy Analyst, Open Technology Institute, [email protected]

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The Transparency Reporting Toolkit would not have been possible without insight and help from Dorothy Chou, Christian Dawson and members of the i2C Coalition, Rob Faris, Urs Gasser, Jess Hemerly, Robyn Greene, Priya Kumar, Colin Maclay, OTI Open Web Fellow Gemma Barrett, and the many others who have contributed to this report by offering time, thoughts, and insights throughout this process. This work has been generously supported by the MacArthur Foundation.

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Quick Look: Overview of the Survey & Best Practice Memos


Transparency Reports by U.S. Internet & Telecom Companies


A Brief Introduction to U.S. Law on Government Access to Communications Data  SURVEY & BEST PRACTICE MEMOS

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Memo 1: Reporting on Different Legal Processes


Memo 2: Explaining Legal Processes


Memo 3: Reporting on the Subjects of Requests & How Users are Impacted


Memo 4: Reporting on the Legal Processes Required for User Information


Memo 5: Explaining “Content” & “Non-Content”