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Matt Goffrey is the highest paid sales consultant, and web site traffic generation consultant on the planet .... fact the very best pieces of link bait go viral and how viral a piece ..... create “visualizations” of the data; charts, graphs, that sort of.
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The Viral Manifesto

The Definitive Guide To: Creating Content That Can Go Viral Doing Everything You Can To Make Sure It Does

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Rights You may make any number of copies, printed or electronic, for the purposes of giving this report away to others. In fact it is my hope that you will give this report to anyone and everyone that you feel may benefit from it. Feel free to place a copy of this report on your site and link to it and/or upload to any social media sites you wish. Feel free to link to any version of this report on any site. In fact, if you place this report on any site under your control or on any social network you are agreeing that anyone may deep link directly to this report. You may not make any modifications or alterations to this report other than any minimum needed format changes so that you can have it bound. You do not have “PLR” rights, resell rights, master resell rights, nor any other rights of any kind other than what is specified above

Disclaimers While I have attempted to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this report that accuracy is not guaranteed. Further, there is no warantee or guarantee express or implied as to the suitability of this information for your specific purpose or project. The information contained herein may or may not work for you in your specific endeavor and any investment of time, money, or equipment that you place into following any advice within this report is at your own risk. While this information has worked for me and others in the past there is no guarantee that it will work for anyone in the future. Past performance is no indication of future results. Any results expressed during this report are not typical, your results may vary significantly. Should this report be downloaded by you from any source other than http:// any opinions expressed are purely those of the owner of that website and may not represent my opinions or the opinions of any contributing author in any way. This report contains mild “adult” language and may not be suitable for children or the easily offended. One more thing … this report, besides containing knowledge from the author(s) also contains information resulting from a significant research effort. See the “bibliography” for a list of sources that were heavily used in the creation of this report. Others (e.g. Seth Godin) did contribute “ideas” used, and as such were linked to, but may not have contributed “significantly enough” to warrant mention in the bibliography. I am in no way compensated for any links to any paid products in this report.

About Matt Goffrey Matt Goffrey is the highest paid sales consultant, and web site traffic generation consultant on the planet (though his up front fees are among the lowest). Using a variety of techniques he

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drives traffic and most importantly sales for his clients often helping them to make more in a single month than they did the entire previous year. Previously associated with an SEO firm (that shall remain nameless) Matt is now working on his own, looking to help other businesses to revolutionize their profits and succeed wildly. Matt can help to revolutionize your business. He can be found at his blog, via Twitter, or on Google+.

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Rand Fishkin Louis Gray Rohan Pawale Daniel Treadwell Corbett Barr

And others as listed in the bibliography.

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Introduction - Why You Should Read This Report This report is designed to walk you through an entire process that should be virtually guaranteed to help you create something that goes viral. Everything from planning your content, to how it gets distributed to the widest possible “seed” audience, to even “content association” will be discussed. Understand that because this is meant to be a “definitive guide” I go into a fa