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Apr 1, 2018 - IC, Michael Mills – IC, Tristan Carroll – IC, Frank Pisco – IC, James Nutt – IC, Donald Borre. – IC, Margarito Gutierrez ..... ARTIE GRAY JR. 1year.
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April 2018


Western Flyer


Our newest groups of Company Drivers and Independent Contractors -Welcome Aboard!

James Ford – IC, Justin Hargraves – OFC, Larry Morris – IC, Joshua Kohl – IC, Freddie Fields – IC, Michael Mills – IC, Tristan Carroll – IC, Frank Pisco – IC, James Nutt – IC, Donald Borre – IC, Margarito Gutierrez – CO, Daniel Looper – IC, Dennis Parr – IC, Jeffrey Burk – IC, Michael Schaan – IC, Christopher Brantner – IC, John McGovern - CO, Shawn Paul - IC

Raymond Tripeaux – CO, Justin Bullard – CO, Terry Waldrup – IC, Harold Payne – IC, Edgar Wilson – IC, Cleveland Atkison – IC, Ricky Collier – IC. Not pictured: Dawit Solomon, Gordon Pruitt, Antonio Redding.

March 2018

ORIENTATION GROUPS Our newest groups of Company Drivers and Independent Contractors -Welcome Aboard!

Pablo Arvizu – CO, Arthur Keith – IC, Michael Land – CO, William Miller – IC, Michael Matthes – CO, Michael Tinnin – CO, Darius Lynch – IC, Joel Molnoskey – IC, James Miller – IC, Edward Coleman – IC, Joseph Carroll – IC, Charles Nay – IC, Damon Dempsey – IC.

Ralph Clark – IC, Mitchell Chastain – CO, Jeffery Riley – IC, Kimberly Ellis – IC, Danielle Lee – IC, Donald Lee – IC, Richard Davis – IC. Not pictured: John Planty.

March 2018


Charles Davis – IC, Nathaniel Smith – IC, Jeffrey Brownlow – IC, Jeffrey Williams – IC, Marco Mena – IC, Mathew Hanson – IC, James Walker – IC, Christopher Orr – IC, Matthew Medrano – IC, Trinity Haney – IC, Gregory Baker – CO, Benjamin Stearley – IC, Tim Case – IC, Adlai Ferrel – CO, Nathan Forwalder – CO

WELCOME NEW ADMIN & SHOP TEAM MEMBERS! Name Austin Eddleman Rebecca Youmans Zachary Hanes Mark Hart Richard Fritzemeyer Sandy Newton Brian Weddle Paul Kounovsky Scott Smith Sarrah Moss Tracy Loyd John Mcneill Kevin Goelz Careylynn Reese Courtney Holman Heather Poole Daniel Mcgahey Brandon Mitchell

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SAFETY SEEING AND ANTICIPATING HAZARDS A hazard can be defined as any road condition or other road user (driver, bicyclist, pedestrian) that’s a possible danger. As an example, a car in front of you is headed towards the freeway exit, but his brake lights come on and he begins braking hard. This could mean that the driver is uncertain about taking the off-ramp. He might suddenly return to the highway. If the driver quickly cuts back in front of your truck, it’s no longer just a hazard, but is now an emergency. Seeing hazards allows you to have a plan of action to avoid an emergency. In the example above, you might make a lane-change or simply slow down to avoid a crash if the car suddenly cuts in front of you. A driver who didn’t see the hazard until the slowing car pulls back onto the freeway in front of him would have to do something very sudden, such as braking hard or making a quick lane-change. Both of these actions are more likely to lead to a crash.

WATCH FOR ROAD HAZARDS Road hazards encountered by professional drivers appear in many forms. They can be naturally occurring, man-made, or a combination of the two. Road hazards are the characteristics of the road surface, shape, or contour that could adversely affect a driver’s ability to control his vehicle or see clearly. Work Zones – When people are working on the road, it’s a ha