The Wolves of Sesame Streeet - Bitly

namely the orange Toyota Avensis from. Valkyrie Pursuits, the Where's Wally. Ford Escort and Team Stag's Golf... We were on a different level on the ferry.
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// THE TEAM It all began down at the Man in Space, my local drinking establishment... I had met up with Tom and Dave for a long overdue catchup rather than waiting for our annual college Christmas meal get together. We had a few beverages and discussed the idea of entering a banger rally for a laugh and after a quick google found that the Boom Banger rally seemed like a good bet.

The rally began in Reims, France and ended up in Marrakech, Africa. Seemed like a decent excursion to us and so we entered online there and then.

our team as ‘The Wolves of Sesame Street’ by merging the iconic children’s television programe with the film ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’.

The next few weeks were spent trawling through the internet to try and find a possible theme for our rally car and for fancy dress. We went through lots of possible ideas but didn’t want to copy any previous entries.

We got started on creating our oversized heads and chose Elmo, Oscar (the Grouch) and Cookie Monster as our Sesame Street characters of choice.

We then decided on Sesame Street, but with a twist. We were going to enter

The build process was long but rewarding and used paper mache, expanding foam, a hard hat and some coloured fur as the raw materials.

// THE BANGER Now that we had our theme sorted we set about purchasing our banger. The maximum we were allowed to spend was £250 which I’m sure you’re aware makes things tricky! We searched Autotrader, eBay and found nothing remotely interesting or under budget so we expanded our searches to Gumtree. This is where we found Monty, a Ford

Mondeo that had led a hard life and whose MOT only had a few days left on it. Perfect we thought.

We then added wide arches and aero ducts made from plywood, screws, duct tape and expanding foam.

We went to have a look at Monty and after a quick meeting we took him home to begin the transformation into the Lamborgini Countach seen in the film ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’.

The vents on the side were made from square PVC guttering and the spoiler from PVC window sill.

We took him to my uncles garage for his MOT but found that he needed some new bits to pass, which the garage kindly paid for towards our charity.

The whole car was wrapped in matt white vinyl and the steel wheels sprayed white to complete the look. Oh yeah, we also made a Grover character to hang off the roof rails too!

// DAY ONE Saturday 28th March 2015 was the first day of the Boom Banger rally for us. We needed to get to the start line in Reims for Sunday. We left Stoke at 06:00 and started our journey down to Dover, getting plenty of attention and we even recieved some donations from kind hearted drivers whilst stuck in traffic on the M25!

We got to the channel crossing with half an hour to spare and as we boarded we noticed some of the other ralliers, namely the orange Toyota Avensis from Valkyrie Pursuits, the Where’s Wally Ford Escort and Team Stag’s Golf...

As we got closer to our destination the weather decided to go all British on us and we had torrential rain for most of the day.

We were on a different level on the ferry to the other teams so we left for Calais first. This is where we first met team Jungle Nuns as they flew past us on the motorway...4 times! (They had time to stop for breaks due to their speed)

We introduced ourselves to all of the teams and talked about the big challenge we all had ahead of us...

We arrived in Reims late that evening and went to our meeting point (an Irish bar) to register ourselves onto the rally.

// DAY TWO The startline for the rally was the pit lane from the French Grand Prix which we thought was a nice touch. Today was the first time we’d seen the other bangers on the rally and there was some interesting ones! We had a walk around the other cars whilst we waited for everyone to arrive, we also programmed the sat