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Mar 1, 2012 - 1.2. Digital personae. 8. 1.3. Privacy and data protection legislation. 9. 1.4. An alternative approach. 11. 2. Aim of the study. 11. 3. Methodology. 12. 4. Outline of the study. 13. Part I. Theory and Abstract Level. Chapter 2. Identity and Representation. 17. 1. Introduction. 17. 2. Presentation and representation.
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Digital personae and profiles in law Roosendaal, Arnold

Publication date: 2013 Link to publication

Citation for published version (APA): C Roosendaal, A. P. (2013). Digital personae and profiles in law: Protecting individuals' rights in online contexts Oisterwijk: Wolf Legal Publishers (WLP)

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Digital Personae and Profiles in Law Protecting Individuals’ Rights in Online Contexts

Arnold Roosendaal


Digital Personae and Profiles in Law Protecting Individuals’ Rights in Online Contexts

Arnold Roosendaal

ISBN: 978-90-5850-989-5

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Digital Personae and Profiles in Law Protecting Individuals’ Rights in Online Contexts

Proefschrift ter verkrijging van de graad van doctor aan Tilburg University op gezag van de rector magnificus, prof.dr. Ph. Eijlander, in het openbaar te verdedigen ten overstaan van een door het college voor promoties aangewezen commissie in de aula van de Universiteit op dinsdag 21 mei 2013 om 16.15 uur door Arnold Petrus Christiaan Roosendaal, geboren op 18 april 1979 te Halsteren

Promotores: prof.dr. R.E. Leenes prof.dr. E.J. Koops

Commissieleden: prof.mr.dr. M. Hildebrandt prof.dr.ir. W. Kraaij prof.dr. E.G. Smit prof.dr. P. de Hert

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Chapter 1 Introduction 1. Setting the stage 1.1. Digital Interactions 1.2. Digital personae 1.3. Privacy and data protection legislation 1.4. An alternative approach 2. Aim of the study 3. Methodology 4. Outline of the study

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Part I Theory and Abstract Level Chapter 2 Identity and Representation 1. Introduction 2. Presentation and representation 3. The concept of identity 3.1. Identity in sociology 3.2. Identity in philosophy 3.3. Identity in media theory 4. Digital presentation and representation 4.1. Digital personae 4.2. Profiles 4.3. From profile to digital persona 4.4. Comparing digital personae and profiles 5. Synthesis

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Chapter 3 Digital Persona: Definition and Appearance 1. Introduction 2. The digital persona in general and its three specific forms 2.1. The projected digital persona 2.2. The imposed digital persona 2.3. The hybrid digital persona 3. Why digital personae are created 3.1. Representation (persona) 3.2. Facilitating automated processing (digital) 3.3. ‘Digital persona’ 4. The practical appearance of digital personae 4.1. Collection of data

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