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New York Sky Events: East Harlem Sky Events. 6/10–6/11 ..... Automotive Votive. 5/6–5/29 ..... In partnership with Thundergulch, The New School, and Parsons.
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Compiled by Lauren F. Friedman

The following listing of projects sponsored by Creative Time since its inception is as complete as possible. Our institutional memory consists of masses of old files, press releases, and slides, many of which were invaluable in our research; when necessary, we’ve done our best to reconfirm information with outside sources. Above all, in our research for this catalogue it was important to us to acknowledge every artist and participant we’ve worked with, and to that end we’ve made every effort to identify them as well as to provide the location, type of artwork or performance, and cosponsor of our events. Our sincere apologies for any errors or omissions, however inadvertent and unintended, found here.

Key to Catalogue: Installation/ Sculpture


Video/ Film/ Projection

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Crafts in Action 2/19–3/19 Sharon Fein, Jo Ellen Scheffield, Joe Scheurer 100 William Street

Downtown Drive-In 7/28–7/29 Mike Blackwood, Stan Brakhage, Rudy Burkhardt, Shirley Clarke, Robert Crawford, Bob Fleischner, Peter Goldman, Red Grooms, Hilary Harris, Ken Jacobs, Mike Kuchar, Stan Lawder, Marie Menken, Frank and Carilyn Mouris, Warren Newcombe, Charles Sheeler, Paul Strand, Francis Thompson Edison Parking Lot, corner of John and Front Streets In partnership with the Downtown Branch of the Whitney Museum of American Art

Sail 12/18–2/21/1975 Jim Burton, Anne Healy, and musicians (Rhys Chatham, Jon Deak, Garrett List) 88 Pine Street In partnership with Orient Overseas Associates

1975 Ruckus Manhattan 11/20–1/20/1976 Red Grooms, Mimi Gross Grooms, The Ruckus Construction Company 88 Pine Street

1976 New York Sky Events: East Harlem Sky Events 6/10–6/11 Otto Piene East Harlem New York Sky Events: Neon Rainbow 6/26 Otto Piene 59th Street Pond, Central Park Anemones: An Air Aquarium 10/19–12/31 Otto Piene 88 Pine Street Round: Sound for Concave Surfaces 11/19–11/21 Max Neuhaus U.S. Custom House, 1 Bowling Green

1977 Custom and Culture 1 6/29–9/11 A-1 Art Band, Laurie Anderson, Jim Burton, Chamber Jazz Quintet, Composers Ensemble, Laura Dean, Senta Driver, Douglas Dunn, Emerson String Quartet, Endymion Ensemble, JoAnne Faletta, Alan Finkel, Tina Girouard, Mimi Gross Grooms, Suzanne Harris, Jene Highstein, David Hykes, Kazuko, Rockne Krebs, Lancaster Brass Quintet, Richard Landry, Vera Manzi-Schacht, Mozart Festival Orchestra, Multigravitational Aerodance Group, New World Consort, Pat O’Brian, Brian O’Neill, Charlemagne Palestine, Carol Parker, Philip Glass Ensemble, Steve Reich, Jim Roche, Charles Ross, Sara Rudner, Ned Smyth, St. Luke’s Chamber Ensemble, Stony Baroque Chamber Players, Linda Tarnay, Tsai, Vocal Jazz Inc., Shyam Yodh U.S. Custom House, 1 Bowling Green In partnership with the Custom House Institute, the New York Landmarks Conservancy, and the U.S. General Services Administration Butler’s Lives of the Saints 12/16–1/28/1978 Ann Wilson 88 Pine Street

Art on the Beach 1 8/11–9/17 Terry Allen, Rosemarie Castoro, Yoshiko Chuma, Christopher Cleckler, Charles Dennis, Thomas Farmer, Harriet Feigenbaum, Alan Finkel, R. M. Fischer, Simone Forti, Sandy Gellis, Tina Girouard, Mimi Gross Grooms, Suzanne Harris, Ed McGowin, Rudolph Montanez, Natural Sound, Patsy Norvell, Kirk Nurock, Sara Rudner and Company, Katherine Sokolinikoff, Peter Van Riper Battery Park City Landfill

1979 Custom and Culture 2 5/3–6/17 Laurie Anderson, Robert Ashley, Connie Beckley, Andrea Callard, Charles Cook, Jon Deak, Andrew deGroat, Tom Doyle, Hermine Freed, Jane Goldberg, Carl Goldstein, Peter Gordon, Helen and Newton Harrison, Julia Heyward, Laurace James, Jill Kroesen, Alvin Lucier, Ingram Marshall, Ed McGowi