tL - Nathan Winograd

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12, 1995

P.O. BOX.25l0 wAsHlNoTot{ DC 20015-05t6 (3011 Tto - PETA FAX (3011770- 8e6s

The Honorabla Seynour Gelber t{ayor, lllaul Beach 1?OO Conventlon Center lllaal Beach, lL 33139 Dear llayor


I L has been brought v111 bo contracting Boardwalk.

to our attentlon thrr tlre clty of t{1anl geach 3s taap feral cats frm an arca Lnonn at lf,re

we vould like to tcll you Flret, rupport thc -ttre ttrat ne rbolcheartrdly clty I I tf forts to sapturo cats rnd rouovs tbct! gioD tba rrtvlng on the ctracts ltreete. le a bard, litrrabLe lllr for a cat, and-ve eonnend you for trying to isr-til donsatic theee jroor lle bave beard dlgconierting antlaala. refortt that tclttens wrdlr 8 ueekg tflll bc turned over to a nedlahde'rcstoen{-rir" ittcret vfri to llnd honee- tr tlren. Thls ls ttre only part od thc-vJur'rirlien plin ciEyts ye

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Te voutd atseilcrite 'trr.t !"F rxceptlon. jna aaeuranca that s? t.p-ptnE rlll be donr luiineii--;ee;opriite-inG;i all the aninrale, klttene rlclude!,-ulll be taken t" !n control facllity rher-a th-"y nllt oitber ue placia iiio carelully screenod houee or tuthantzda Uy eodluD pant-ooarlftii fnje"t{on.-

t{e underetancl ^thele-arr-approxfuaataly looo'catg rho nrc.l to bc rescued. Unfortunately, ln-Ehcse aituitions, pulftc- crsollona tend to nrn blgh. A aoratoiiun on- trri G"ppGg iiri not bJi natters. lf€. urge tbc c_itr tg tll.p runearatJ i&roi, tor ttre rairty of thr catp, and-_publlc health, by trapplng tb-e rntlra Ttre colon!. problau.ulrl r3eur unreei all tbe cats rre renoy.d. tn 6rder to thls, l,t !s lnpeiiifve to Urat no-fnaivf-a-uaf lJiffqtrcd contlnua the Tggtlrne felahg- of tlre eats, tfreiafry lalclng ttre trapplng EofG .dlfflcult. we re-iiJ erat uittr a ffiftea buiget, auch an undertaking rould be-lnpoeei!1c, tuereioi;-ra urge-ttri -for c*tyrc. aninal contror to eio"li. a cutLanasla J"::.rl""" rlgnlflcantly-reduced !rc, insteia ot $15 per cat, end ttrat Dote resourc€E be directed for thie hunane and rlsponirbri icilon, lfe ?pprcclate, youl protPg rr:sprnge on thle Eatt.r, cnd thank you agaln for caring about irani tieactr,s loair."" lit ioluratlon. ly,

\'^-%tL Cruelty

Cuzdey Caaeworker

cc: Kevin Snlth,


for Recreation,


and Parke

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